Ufront Video 4 Cast began in 2012 as a showcase  to promote the next generation leading the digital video conversation about the growth of online video content and new content creators.  It is the gathering of the next generation of online video community worldwide.

The UFront Video 4 Cast  gives New Video content producers from a multicultural backgrounds  an opportunity to showcase their content in front of  a live audience, viewers, advertisers, buyers, brands and press.   

U-fronts Video 4 Cast  brings together the corporate feel with showcasing hot digital content with premiering hot new content live to regular viewers on college campuses.

What makes the Ufront Video 4 Cast different is  we  brings together digital industry leaders in the digital video content space, brand marketers, mixed with viewers of online content and we host our events at various college campus this give viewers the opportunity to see this new content.  This sets the tone for the future of urban digital media by channeling its unlimited growth potential and putting it into the hands of the people who matter to brands which is the viewers.


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