Inaxxs Music Business Conference with Founder Andre Mullen by Roger Maloney


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Today, I had the opportunity to interview the founder of the Inaxxs Music Business Conference which is happening in New York City on July 24th and July 25th.   The Inaxxs Music Business Conference (IMBC) is dedicated to instructing Christian music professionals, artists, and supporters of Christian music on vital and essential business keys and principles so they can create a sustainable business within the industry. So enjoy this one on one interview with the Founder of the Inaxxs Music Business Conference Mr.Andre Mullen.


Roger- What inspired you to create the Inaxxs Music Business Conference?

Andre– The Inaxxs Music Business Conference came after two conversations I had with my Pastor who knew my desire for artists to be empowered through knowledge. He encouraged me on two separate occasions to put the conference together and it wasn’t until the second time that he said it that I actually said that I would consider it.  Then, a few weeks later, my business partner, Manuel, who lives in Miami, and I were talking about some of the issues we see in the music industry – the Christian side in particular. Some of our observations were funny and as we’re both laughing, I unknowingly said, “You know, that’s why there should be a conference on the business so that we don’t laugh at things like this.” Manuel agreed and I just surrendered to the thought. LOL!


Roger-  Who are some of the guest speakers that will be there and why did you choose them?
Andre- Well, when we started talking about the conference, I was really serious about making sure that it wasn’t like any other conference. We wanted speakers that could and would inspire the attendees. Our keynote speaker,  Andre Taylor, is a business coach, author, and reknown speaker at many Fortune 500 events. Ariel Hyatt is a social media strategist who has worked with independent artists for more than 2 decades and runs Cyber PR. We have Derek Webb, co-founder and president of NoiseTrade, the site that boasts hundreds of thousands of artists that distribute their music for free in exchange for fan data. Film producer and founder of New York’s Ocktober Film Fest Emelyn Stuart will also be speaking. We also have Emmy award winning composer Michael Whalen and entertainment attorney Joyce Dollinger. All of these people were picked because we have heard them speak and/or they have compelling stories/testimonies that will inspire and activate attendees.


Roger- Tell me about your background within the entertainment business?

Andre- I have been involved in the music industry – both mainstream and Christian – for close to 15 years and 8 years in brand development and product placement via a media company that I co-founded with my business partner Manuel called FNF Media Group. With FNF Media Group, we had interests in radio, internet, and television. We left the business for a year while Manuel received a kidney transplant and needed to recover, only to discontinue the brand and create The Inaxxs Group. The Inaxxs Group really speaks to our talents as brand developers.

Roger- Why do you think Christian artists need a conference like this in NYC?

Andre– Simply put, any artist that is involved in the music industry should be knowledgeable about the workings of the industry. Unfortunately, too many artists want to be part of the industry without knowing anything about it. How many horror stories have we heard – and still hear – about artists getting ripped off because of bum contracts? In the Christian industry it’s no different. People may not be intentionally ripping them off, but ignorance, miscommunication, and impatience often lead to people being hurt in the end.
In addition, I feel the Christian artist community here in NYC is VERY SCATTERED. It’s sad because there are a lot of great and talented artists out here that I know who’s hearts are for drawing people to the powerful message of The Gospel of Jesus Christ, The Gospel of Grace. There are a lot of hurting people who need to hear what God has put on the heart of these artists and the words that are in their mouths. I want this conference to be the catalyst that will bridge the gaps and bring unity so that we can learn and teach each other.

Roger- What makes this conference so different in your opinion?

Andre- There are a couple of things that makes this conference so different. For starters, it is not a Christian conference. There won’t be a pastor delivering a word, no offering taking up – nothing to make people feel like they have come to a church service. This is a music business conference to teach the Christian music industry. We in the industry don’t have all the answers and who better than those who have some that we obviously don’t have?

Second, this conference is a music business conference. We’re not discussing Christian leadership, discipleship, or responsibility. These are good and their are conferences that do address these. However, we wanted a conference that was going to instruct within the scope of business – an area that many Christian artists are not versed in again because of ignorance or just not wanting to know because it’s intimidating. We wanted to create an environment that that wasn’t the case.

Roger-  Thank you Andre and for more information about the Inaxxs Music Conference go to and on Facebook go to

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