Yes, Robots Really Are Going To Take Your Job And End The American Dream


Now that machines can diagnose cancer, trade stocks, and write symphonies, they’re not just going to make humans more efficient as they have in the past—they are replacing them entirely and wrecking the economy along the way.

There’s nothing new about fears of technological unemployment. The idea goes back to the Luddites in 18th century England and John Maynard Keynes in the 1930s. Union bosses have long railed against factory automation, and governments have even resisted technology to maintain higher job levels. Yet predictions that machines would put humans out of work on a significant societal scale have never quite materialized.

However, there’s reason to be believe that, unlike those previous times, we really are entering an age when people will work less. As author Martin Ford puts it in his recent book Rise of the Robots, “this time is different.” New artificially intelligent machines, he says, are not so much tools to improve the efficiency of workers but really are tools to replace workers themselves.

This is an important distinction. Economists tend to dismiss robotization as just another form of “creative destruction.” That is, robots may displace some workers for a while before they also create new kinds of jobs, such as a job market for people who can build robots themselves. Ford says that’s a mistake. It’s true that economies go through cycles of boom and bust and that companies rise and fall. But what’s happening now, he argues, is more like the invention of the aircraft. Before Kitty Hawk, humans didn’t fly; afterwards they did.

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“The question of whether smart machines will someday eclipse the capability of average people to perform much of the work demanded by the economy will be answered by the nature of the technology that arrives in the future—not by lessons gleaned by economic history,” he writes.

Surveying all the fields now being affected by automation, Ford makes a compelling case that this is an historic disruption—a fundamental shift from most tasks being performed by humans to one where most tasks are done by machines. That includes obvious things like moving boxes around a warehouse, but also many “higher skill” jobs as well, such as radiology and stock trading. And don’t kid yourself about your own importance: that list almost certainly includes your job.

We really could be headed for an economy with many fewer jobs in it and a severely-eroded middle class, he argues. Together with other important trends like wealth inequality and globalization, new technology threatens to produce more unemployment and slow the main motor of the U.S. economy—consumer demand.

Here are some things robots can already do:

Write sports articles: Computers can now write sentences like “Things looked bleak for the Angels when they trailed by two runs in the ninth inning, but Los Angeles recovered thanks to a key single from Vladimir Guerrero to pull out a 7-6 victory over the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park on Sunday.” Which sounds a lot like a newspaper account of a baseball game written by a non-robot.

Momentum MachinesFlickr user Steve Jurvetson

Flip burgers: A company called Momentum Machines is developing a machine that shapes burgers from ground meat, grills them, then toasts a bun and adds chopped tomatoes, onions and pickles. Co-founder says Alexandros Vardakostas says the device isn’t meant to make workers’ lives easier. “It’s meant to completely obviate them.”

Perform complex office tasks: WorkFusion makes software that automatically assesses a project to see what parts can be fully automated, which parts can be crowdsourced to a freelance network like Elance, and what still needs to be handled by humans. All the while, it analyzes performance, for instance by asking freelancers questions it already knows the answers to, so that it can test their capabilities. The platform reduces the need for in-house staff by making use of freelancers, but then it looks to do away with them as well. “Even as the freelancers work under the direction of the system, they are simultaneously generating the training data that will gradually lead to their replacement,” Ford writes.

London Symphony OrchestraFlickr user MITO SettembreMusica

Write music: In 2012, the London Symphony Orchestra performed Transits—Into an Abyss, a composition created entirely by Iamus, a system designed at the University of Malaga. One reviewer called it “artistic and delightful.”

Replace Wall Street: At the turn of the century, Wall Street employed 150,000 people. Today, that number is less than 100,000, even though transaction volumes and profits have continued to grow. Trading algorithms are now making many of the financial decisions that used to be made by humans.

Diagnose cancer: The BD FocalPoint GS Imaging System scans slides for more than 100 signs of disease. And, according to Ford, it does a “significantly better job” of finding cancers than humans do (though doctors do still make the final decision—for now).

Flickr user Kārlis Dambrāns

Ford thinks some of the biggest disruptions will take place in industries that are currently bloated and expensive for consumers—industries like higher education and health care. For instance, he forecasts that MOOCs (online courses), automated grading algorithms (which mark essays as well as multiple choice tests) and adaptive learning systems offer a path away from unsustainable college costs. But, again, these technologies may be bad for employment rates in the sector.

Of course, those people doing the automating may stand to do well financially—but perhaps not for long. Ultimately, Ford argues, complete automation will be bad for the economy because machines don’t consume goods and services the way human beings do. The “powerful symbiosis between rising incomes and robust, broad-based consumer demand is now in the process of unwinding,” he says.

“It’s possible that at some future point, rapid technological innovations might shift the expectations of consumers about the likelihood and duration of unemployment, causing them to aggressively cut their spending,” he adds. “If such an event occurred, it’s easy to see how that could precipitate a downward economic spiral that would impact even those workers whose jobs are not directly susceptible.”

The standard response to automation among economists has been to call for more education, so low-paid workers can move up the food chain. But Ford doesn’t think that will help ultimately. Many people are already over-educated for what they do—just look at all the college graduates serving coffee in Starbucks.

Ford says cramming everyone into jobs requiring more skills is “analogous to believing that, in the wake of the mechanization of agriculture, the majority of displaced farm workers would be able to find jobs driving tractors.” Nor, can we hope to stop the automation wave, he says. There’s an inevitability to these technologies, and it’s inevitable that businesses will take advantage. Whatever employers might say publicly, they don’t really want to hire more people than they need.

This leads Ford to make the case for a basic income guarantee—a government payment to all citizens so they can live to a reasonable level. His version would be tied to educational accomplishment. People who get at least a high school diploma would get slightly more money, on the thinking that not having at least a diploma in the future economy will make people even less employable than they are today. He suggests $10,000 per person (which is lower than many other proposals), which would cost about $1 trillion overall, provided the payment was means-tested at the top-end.

This might become an economic necessity, he says, if work is no longer an option for large numbers of people. “If we look into the future and assume that machines will eventually replace human labor to a substantial degree, then I think some form of direct redistribution of purchasing power becomes essential if economic growth is to continue.”

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THE FACE OF DARKNESS “A Must see Film about Depression” by Emelyn Stuart

stuart picWelcome to Ufront Media Insights;

Hello Everyone,  My name is Emelyn Stuart the Founder of Stuart films and the Ocktober Film Festival and today I had the opportunity to interview Squeaky Moore the Director and Co Producer of the film Face of Darkness  which is about three African American men who chronicle their battle with depression as well as their struggle to overcome it and not be overtaken by it. Face of Darkness is character driven and it wraps itself around the stigma surrounding depression amongst Black Men… identifying it, surviving it and the journey to healing.  The film’s objective is to raise awareness of depression in African American males, the detriment of not addressing it, as well as the benefits of treatment. We hope that by exposing the illness in an artistic fashion, the African American community will not only be enlightened, but they will learn how to recognize and seek help for themselves or loved ones. So enjoy my powerful, exclusive interview about the Faces of Darkness A Journey to Healing. 
EmelynPlease give us a few sentences that describe Faces of Darkness (synopsis)?
Squeaky- Driven to the depths of depression, courageous men chronicle their struggles while battling a mental illness, and their struggle to overcome it or be overtaken by it. The Face of Darkness – Journey to Healing documentary (FOD) is a commentary of clinicians, families of victims, and survivors of mental illness.  This film captures intimate moments and offers empowering opportunities to address the taboos of mental health and depression as it relates to minority males.
IMG_4526 (1)
IMG_4551 (1)
Emelyn – Who is involved in the Faces of Darkness project (any special mentions)?
Squeaky– Dr. Jeffrey Gardere (America’s Pscychologist, CNN, Housewives of Atlanta) Terrie M. Williams, author of Black Pain: It Just Looks Like We’re Not Hurting, Rapper, Donny Goines, Thomas Young, and Father of Lee Thompson Young.
Emelyn – Why is this project being created and where do you hope to see it broadcast (TV, theatrical, online)?
Squeaky-Faces of Darkness explores several factors that contribute to the mental health crisis, one of which is the glaring disparity in mental health treatment sought by minority  males in comparison to other demographic groups.  The primary cause for this project is to address the stigma, stereotypes and taboos in the African American community with regards to mental health and depression.  Our objectives are to:
–          Educate the public about depression, anxiety and suicide
–          Eliminate the stigma associated with seeking mental health care
–          Start dialogue that encourages people to seek diagnosis and treatment
–          Reduce suicide rates
–          Encourage and assist healthcare providers in creating resources within at-risk communities
Our goals are for FACES OF DARKNESS film to play at festivals, have a theatrical release as well as, create a docu-series for television.  We’d like to use the film as a tool to aid in helping minorities in all hospitals and mental health centers around the world.
Emelyn-Who is your audience and why?
Squeaky- Our audience are minority male, boys and men from 13-54, urban families, communities, churches and schools.
Emelyn -What is the current status of the project? We are currently filming the feature and simultaneously raising monies for the project. What is the most important thing you want people to know about the project (what do you need)?
Squeaky- We are in need of help and support in our mission to highlight and expose mental health issues plaguing minority male’s across America. In order to accomplish our goal, we are in need of financial resources.  We want to help as many people as possible; but to do so; we must be able to secure the funds necessary to make a wide-ranging impact with our documentary.  Our first step is completing filming on the documentary. Our objective is to release the documentary by May, 2016.
Emelyn-Please give us a personal quote either about the project or yourself.
Squeaky- My objective for Face of Darkness is to present the world with a fresh, unrepentant perspective from an authentic, creative and educational view-point. I want to highlight stories told through truth, addressing perplexing relationships and the impact they have on the people closest to them. My quote is “I am ultimately hoping to uplift and empower the African American community by highlighting the stories of these men and that affect the hearts of every day people like them” ~Squeaky Moore, Writer, Director, Producer
“As an African American male, I was taught that a man could not express his feelings and to never to cry. There is a stigma in my community that prevents males from sharing emotions, hugging or admitting that we are afraid. Depression runs deep within the African American male community and has become a plaque that is causing so much suffering, even death.”~Kenneth Todd Nelson, Writer, Director, Producer
Emelyn Stuart- Thank you Squeaky for a great interview and for more information about the Faces of Darkness you can click on the links below to get more information on their website, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube . I am Emelyn Stuart contribution reporter on Ufront Media Insights. Thank You!!!
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Good For You Bruce Jenner!! Good for You!!


Welcome to Ufront Media Insights;

Hi I am Lisa Durden and for weeks and weeks and weeks, ABC had been teasing the 20/20 exclusive interview of Bruce Jenner with Diane Sawyer. The build up was juicy!! And for those who know me know, I’m addicted to television so I MUST tune in!! Specials like this are must see TV, so I literally schedule them in my calendar because I don’t want to make a mistake and miss it. I was ret ta go!! I was set ta go!! And bam!! Murphy’s law hit!! I had to work that night!! Yes, Friday, April 24, 2015, the same night as the premiere of the 20/20 exclusive interview of Bruce Jenner with Diane Sawyer. DISASTER!! When I found that out I screamed Nooooooowah!! I was so distraught, earlier that day, I wrote a plea on Facebook that went something like this, “OMG!! I’m gonna miss the #BruceJennerABC Exclusive #DianeSawyer interview tonight at 9pm on #ABC. DISASTER!! I won’t be home in time to see it; I’ll be moderating a film panel. Heeeeeelp!! What to do!!?? What to do!!?? What to do!!??? Can you Millennials tell me where else I can see this??? Hulu?? Netflix?? Where!!?? Where!!?? Wheeeeeere!!?? Y’all know I’m addicted to television and I MUST see this #BruceJenner interview TONIGHT or I’ll die!!! Ok, I’m being dramatic. LOL. No, I won’t die but I need my fix!! I’m jonsing!!” LOL. A lot of people responded with suggestions but it turns out that none of them advised me on how to watch the interview on Friday. So I was forced to watch it on Hulu the next day. I wasn’t happy about it because I love to tweet during the show as I watch, but oh well, I had to get over myself. LOL.

The interview was two hours of pure perfection!! Diane Sawyer asked the tough questions and Bruce Jenner answered them succinctly with a smooth, smile!! I really enjoyed their exchange. It was very comfortable and familiar. There was no pretense or pomp and circumstance. Bruce had a glow about him! Bruce appeared very self-assured! I really got the feeling that he was happy to finally be free!! I’m buggin that a lot of people are asking, why now?? I say, about time!! People need to understand something, Bruce Jenner is 65 years old and men in his time COULD NOT have entertained the thought of publically transitioning to a woman because our culture wasn’t ready yet!!” Hell, we’re not ready now!! Yes, there were a couple of mavericks who did it. But to get sexual reassignment surgery back then was not only barbaric, it would have also been professional suicide for Bruce; especially because he was ‘The World’s Greatest Athlete!!’ His face was on the cover of Wheaties boxes!! Let’s face it, people expected him to be a “man!!” Whatever the hell that means!! Sexual reassignment surgery?? NOPE!! IT WASN’T HAPPENING!!

I more than understand why Bruce Jenner lived a double life as a man when his soul, heart and mind was a woman. I totally get it!! What made me sad was that he struggled with this since he was a little boy. Over the years he’s been sneaking on women’s clothing to feel normal!! To feel happy!! Even if for a brief moment. He even stopped and started hormone therapy intermittently over the years but abandoned the process because he felt very conflicted and guilty as he looked into his young children’s eyes. He just didn’t want to take them though that kind of pain. That’s admirable! Now his kids are grown and Bruce is ‘doing him!!’ YAAASSS!! And I’m loving it!!

Most of his 10 children are supportive of his transition. Four of his biological kids spoke to Diane Sawyer and they all were relieved to FINALLY know why their dad had been acting strangely over the years. One of his sons shared a recollection from his childhood where he was so afraid of his dad turning into a woman that he began crying about it. Although his two biological daughters, Kendall and Kylie, didn’t make an appearance they did send a statement professing their love and support for their dad. He said that #KimKardashian even gave him style tips. LOL. WOW, having that kind of unconditional love is essential and rare!! AWESOME!! However, Bruce did share that Khloe is having the hardest time with it. That’s understandable as well. It’s great that Bruce isn’t tripping about it. She will come around organically and when that time comes, he said he will be ready to have that conversation with her.

There was no stone unturned in this interview. Bruce even explained how sexual orientation and gender identity are not the same things. I get that but I must admit, I still wanted to know, once she completes her sexual reassignment surgery, who she will date; a woman or a man??  It’s was a bit disappointing that Bruce didn’t share what her name will be once her process is complete. So for now I will continue to call her Bruce. But the next time we see her, she will emerge as a woman; wearing her cute, little black dress!! Her last words were, “I’m saying goodbye to peoples perceptions of me. This is not me!!” To that I say, Good For You Bruce Jenner!! Good for You!!

As many of you may or may not know, I’m the host of my self-titled talk show called The Lisa Durden Show where I discuss pop culture, politics and social issues. And watching the Bruce Jenner interview reminded me of an episode I did called, “Who’s Killing The LGBTQ Community.” Where I invited a panel of young people on to talk about their struggles with gender identity and the dangers they face living in a heterosexual world. It was eye opening!! So I’ve provided the link to the entire one-hour show for y’all to watch because it’s very apropos.

Welp, “You have entered MY WORLD!! Where I tell it MY WAY!!”

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Johanna Tolentino’s Big Break in the upcoming film CREED by R.S. Maloney


Welcome to Ufront Media Insights;

Today, I had the pleasure of interviewing Johanna Tolentino who is a actress, director and producer about her new role in the upcoming film CREED by the one and only Sylvester Stallone.   Johanna Tolentino got her first big break at the age of 16 on the feature film “Lean On Me” with Morgan Freeman.  After being bitten by the acting bug, she went full fledge into her acting career and booked roles on off-off broadway in New York with the Puerto Rican Traveling Theater.  She then started booking roles in regional theaters around the country including in Atlanta and Philadelphia.  She did a number of industrial films and regional commercials in Atlanta and Philadelphia.  She has also booked roles on various web series, including the web series “Which Way“.  Recently, she appeared as Rosa in The Buddy Holly Story at the Walnut Street Theater, a nurse on the NBC show Do No Harm, and was cast in the short films, “Taking East New York” and “El Pasaje, as well as features “Keep in Touch” and Sylvester Stallone’s upcoming Rocky sequel, “Creed”. Currently she is the creator, producer and star of the web series “Whatever It Takes”.


Roger- Tell me about your role in the upcoming new movie CREED by Sylvester Stallone?

Johanna–  I booked the role of Alexis the lady cop. My character is a no nonsense, tough and just tired of the same old, stuff. She definitely has that annoyed personality. Lol!

Roger -Who directed the film and what is this film about? 

Johanna– It was written and directed by Ryan Coogler (Fruitvale Station), the film is focused on Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan), the son (not grandson, as previously reported) of Rocky’s former rival-turned-friend Apollo Creed, and his pursuit of finding glory in the boxing ring. Sylvester Stallone will be reprising his famous Rocky Balboa role, and will serve as Adonis’ trainer.

Roger – What was your process for preparing for your role in this Film?

Johanna–  My process was to look at as many TV cop shows like Law & OrderNCISBLUE BLOODS. I also asked friends that are police officers how they would handle different situations in the work force.

Roger- How many times did you audition for role?  What was it like on set of creed what was the behind the set of the film?

Johanna– I auditioned for the role once. I heard I booked from my agent about 3 months later. I had a wonderful time on set.  Everyone from the PA’s, hair and make up crew to craft services where so nice and welcoming. I am in a scene with Michael B Jordan and he was so down to earth and what a talented and gifted actor.  Ryan Coogler is one of the best directors I have worked  with.  He is a genius and an actors director. I also had the pleasure to be on set the last day Sylvester Stallone was on. To sit and watch such an iconic actor work. For me it was like being in a masters acting class. class. I just  feel truly blessed to have been a part of such a amazing film. CREED!  I would also thank my beautiful family that gave me the support to get this far and my agent Cassia Valuikas From Plaza 7 Talent in PA.

Roger– Thank you and to find out more information about Johanna Tolentino go to her website at

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Allison Arden VP President, Publisher of Advertising Age with Roger Maloney

Allison Headshot

Welcome to Ufront Media Insights;

Today, I had the pleasure of interviewing Allison Arden the VP President & Publisher of Advertising Age.

Ms. Allison Arden serves as Vice President Publisher of Advertising Age.    Ms. Arden has been Publisher of Advertising Age of Crain Communications, Inc. since December 2007 and serves as its Vice President. Ms. Arden oversees all operations for Advertising Age and Creativity magazines in print, online and at events domestically and internationally.

She served as an Associate Publisher of Advertising Age and Creativity, a subsidiary of The Ad Age Group since February 2007. She directed all sales and marketing efforts for Advertising Age, Creativity and all their ancillary properties. Ms. Arden served as General Manager of Interactive and Custom Programs for The Ad Age Group since April 2004, where she helped drive the evolution of The Ad Age Group’s digital product line, including the new Advertising Age online, Madison + Vine, Ad Age China, and e-newsletters like MediaWorks and Ad Age Digital. Ms. Arden oversaw The Ad Age Group’s Custom Programs division, producing such products as iIntelligence, the annual Cable Guide and NY AMA Effie Awards Journal. Ms. Arden first joined The Ad Age Group in 1996 as a Sales Representative. Since joining The Ad Age Group, she served as National Sales Manager of Creativity, Advertising Director of Advertising Age, and Director of Business Development. Ms. Arden was responsible for developing and launching such new products as the Advertising Age Fact Pack, the annual Magazine Guide and’s Marketing Intelligence Center. Prior to Crain Communications, Ms. Arden served on several publications at Miller Freeman Inc., where she served on Cadence Magazine and launched 3D Design Magazine and its website as National Sales Manager since 1994. She serves as a Member of Advisory Board at Ad:tech Expositions Llc. Ms. Arden is a graduate of the University of Maryland College of Journalism. So enjoy my interview with Allison Arden on Ufront Media Insights.

Roger- How did you get your start in the advertising/publishing business which led you to Advertising Age?

Allison– I had no idea what I wanted to do when I went to college and I needed to declare a major. My mom pointed out to me that I loved magazine advertising.   I used to hang it on my walls as art when I was in college and at camp. I didn’t know I could make a career out of it. Once I found my way to Advertising Age it was the perfect blend for me, a great magazine all about a subject that I adored. Since coming to Ad Age, I’ve had eight different roles, always getting to be apart of the new areas we were looking to build.  Ultimately taking this brand into so many different areas has been a gratifying experience.


Roger- Can you talk about some of the things or ideas that allow Advertising Age to grow as a brand?

Allison– Advertising Age, at its core, helps people gets smarter about the ever-changing business of marketing and media, rather than being about any specific platform. Once we embraced that idea, it allowed us to really evolve the brand in so many different ways.  We have done that through the website and our conferences, video, research and much more.  The more we explore the different ways we can be packaging the content and using our expertise to help people get smarter, the more confident we become about the work we are doing.

We recently launched our membership program and what the membership program allows us to do is serve people up content that is specific to their needs on an ongoing basis.   We’re building a product called LOOKBOOK.  The market is so overwhelming and there are so many different areas that people need to get their arms around and so many companies in each of those areas. We created LOOK BOOK as a way of helping people understand the ecosystem and assess all the different partners they could be working with as they charter new areas. And we keep making the products we have better.  Next month we’re relaunching Ad Age’s DataCenter.  It’s been a great resource that was originally digitized versions of print first charts, but now it will be so much easier to navigate with data visualization tools to make the data easier to understand.  We’re constantly looking for ways to leverage our brand to serve the community while also growing our business.

The Book of Doing

The Book of Doing

Roger- What was your inspiration for writing your Book “The Book of Doing”?

Allison The Book of Doing was born out of my own exploration of my passion and what made me happy. We talk about purpose and passion but when you ask someone what they love to do often times they don’t have an answer.    I spent the better part of a year exploring that for myself and exploring the world as if it was my favorite arts and craft project, my favorite activity when I was young.  I did this without fear or expectation, just for exploration, learning and fun.  It led me to begin questioning which of my responsibilities I was doing out of obligation and which I did because I truly enjoyed them.  I started to test things that I have never tested before and found that some things that I thought were impossible were actually quite possible if I simply tried them or attempted a different approach.

I didn’t set out to write a book, but ultimately this act of exploring the world and myself in a new way led me to writing a book and the book led me to an agent and to various publishing companies. There were a bunch of rejections but it also led me to one publisher at Penguin Books who was excited about my message and from there The Book Of Doing was born.  The book is filled with different activities that helped me and others find my way to my own happiness, my creativity and a greater sense of my own purpose. I hope people take it as a way to explore their own lives and find their own joy which in turn will help them to spread joy to others.

Roger- What are some of the brands you think are doing it right?

Allison- Apple is the easy answer, constantly developing new, beautifully designed products that we don’t realize we need and then suddenly can’t live without.  Lady Gaga has done a nice job as a brand, always changing her look and pushing the boundaries, while also using her platform to help young girls build self esteem.   Amazon has done an excellent job of making themselves a daily habit with the Prime membership, and Starbucks has done a phenomenal job of diversifying their product offering, globalizing their brand and creating brand loyalists (I am one!).  They are a great comeback story considering where they were about five short years ago. I was also personally delighted over the holidays by the Salvation Army, bell-ringers were dancing and having fun in a way that was a departure from their traditional brand image.  It made people smile and get attention at a time when so many organizations are fund raising.

Roger- What advice do you have for women who want to work in the advertising field?

Allison– For women trying to get into this business or any business, I definitely encourage you to take chances, be prepared to work hard, explore your creativity and be yourself because we all have something we bring to the table.  I recently saw the movie Cinderella with my children and Cinderella’s mother told her to always be kind and have courage.  This is a simple, but guiding principle.  Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Do something everyday that scares you”.  I find when I’m following this advice I’m pushing myself to be better and grow, and while that can be uncomfortable, it is necessary to breakthrough my own barriers of how far I can go.  We often hold ourselves back more than anyone else.  Success doesn’t happen without perseverance.

Roger – Who are some of the leaders that you admire?

Allison– The historical leaders that inspire me are figures like Winston Churchill, a brilliant and amazing leader who did so much good for so many.  I also love that he took naps, scheduling them into his day and he used painting as a way to de-stress himself.  Especially today, we can learn so much from that.

Eleanor Roosevelt who was born into a life a privilege and had her own struggles but took her position in this world to do good for others.  She always encouraged people to step out of their comfort zone and give their greatest gifts to the world.

I am also fascinated by Albert Einstein. He seems to have had a great appreciation for the importance of both scientists and artists and the idea that you could be both.  If there was one person I would like to sit next to at a dinner party, I think he’d be at the top of my list.

The leaders I admire most today are the ones that understand their responsibility to both run and grow a business, but also take care of the people within that business.  This will become even more important as technology continually inserts itself into our lives leaving less time for people to step away, decompress and restore themselves for their own well being and to reenergize themselves to bring their best to their work and everyone around them. This will be key to leadership as we move forward.

Roger Maloney- Thank you for the interview. If you want the latest news in advertising and marketing news please go to, and if you want to read  and buy The Book of Doing you can find it on just click on the link below to purchase:

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Karrueche Tran Shoulda RAN!!…From Chris Brown by Lisa Durden

Roger Maloney

Welcome to Ufront Media Insights;

Hello Everybody I am Lisa Durden  and when I heard about the Iyanla Vanzant Exclusive with Karreuche Tran, my first thought was, Karrueche Tran Shoulda RAN!!…from Chris Brown. She KNEW that two years prior to dating him, he beat the crap out of Rihanna, and a bell didn’t go off in her head!!?? Why!!?? She didn’t see the beat down as a red flag!!?? Why!!?? Did she think he was gonna some how treat her better than he treated #Rihanna!!?? Why!!?? Did she think he had changed!!?? Why!!?? Did she think that he was some how a nicer guy!!?? Why!!?? Did she think that he was miraculously more respectful of women!!?? Why!!?? She was shocked when his sloppy, nasty, dirty, a_s, screwed around on her with Rihanna and various other women!! Why!!?? Did she think he was capable of loving anybody other than himself!!?? Why!!?? She was surprised when that narcissistic ‘motherclucker’ fathered a child, right under her nose and somehow forgot to tell her!!?? Why!!?? What kind of negative attention was this young lady looking for!!?? I mean the questions that were rolling around in my head were endless!! So I was glad that #KarruecheTran, sat down with my girl #IyanlaVanzant for an emotional heart-to-heart #OWN primetime television event, 8pm, Saturday, March 28, 2015. For the first time, Karrueche shared her deeply personal story and her recent high-profile breakup with the singer and baby daddy, #ChrisBrown. When I tell you this was must see TV, if you missed it, I hope you DVR’ed it!!!

Iyanla Exclusive: Karrueche Tran!!

Iyanla Vanzant was on #Fiyaaaah in this interview!! She went in on Karrueche in true “go hard or go home” fashion. Of course not in a mean way; in the Iyanla Vanzant ‘dear heart, lay in my bosom,’ kind of way!! LOL. For those of you who watch #IyanlaFixMyLife, y’all know EXACTLY what I’m talking about!!  However, surprisingly, Karrueche didn’t flinch!! She was tough!! She answered all of the questions very openly and honestly. I was all in!! I didn’t move away from my television to pee, to eat or to drink!! Missing one minute, would be missing a whole lot!!

The Classic Relationship Mistakes karrueche tran made;

I thought it was very eye opening how clueless Karrueche was when Iyanla challenged her about all of the classic relationship mistakes that she made. She sounded as young and dumb as she is!! Making real naïve statements like, “I wanted to love him because that’s what he needs. After four years, I know what he needs.” WOW!! #DISASTER!! Poor little ‘womanchild!!’ This little 5 year old girl (a person between the ages 18-25) doesn’t realize that Chris Brown didn’t need her love!! He needed a doormat!! She was it and he enjoyed walking all over her! Hey maybe I’m wrong!! Maybe he did love her. Who knows!! But the question I would pose to her is, “DO YOU LOVE YOU!!??” Cause that’s all that matters!! The coupe de grace was when she said Chris Brown needed church and yoga. Church and yoga?? That statement made my #BrainBleed so badly I started yelling at the television like she could hear me, “Karrueche Tran, girl, Chris Brown doesn’t need church and yoga!! HE NEEDS TO LIE ON SEVERAL COUCHES!!!” OMG!! Is it me??

Karrueche Tran on her love triangle with Chris Brown:

To make matters worse, Karrueche Tran KNEW that Chris Brown backtracked to Rihanna for a New York minute, but she thought it was a ‘friend thing??’ Really?? She didn’t want to believe that they “getting it in,” because she loved him and he has a sweet side?? Serial killers all have a sweet, loving side, but it doesn’t mean you date them!! LOL. #IJS. Ok, somebody please tell me what that is?? Who thinks that!!?? Do you know?? Cause I sure as hell don’t!! A blind person could see that Chis Brown was having sex with his ex!!  Karrueche even went as far as saying that the affair with the random chick and the baby was a mistake. Karrueche, if you are reading this blog post I want to ask you, “are you a bimbo!!??” Chis Brown creeping on you and making babies, ain’t a mistake!! That’s just some ole sloppy, nasty, disrespectful behavior!! THAT’S IT AND THAT’S ALL!! They even discussed the fact that she thought #ChrisBrown would change!!?? Wake up little girl!! Folks don’t change unless it benefits them!! In my Tamar Braxton voice, #GetchaLife!! Well, at least #karruechetran had the good sense NOT to take it out on the baby momma, like most women do!! That was refreshing to learn.

Wait, Karrueche, did I hear you correctly?? You wanna get married!!?? Karrueche, Karrueche, Karrueche, NOOOO little girl!! NOOOOO!! You don’t need to be thinking about marriage right now!! YOU ARE A FIVE YEAR OLD!! When I heard her say that I wondered, “where the hell are #karruechetran‘s parents?? Was she raised??” Turns out that #karruechetran‘s father was MIA (missing in action) most of her life. I had guessed that!! That’s why she’s hungry for male attention!!  Sounds like she’s looking for a man, any man; to love her. SAD!!

What Karrueche Tran Learned About Oversharing on Social Media

While I do think that Karrueche Tran is a #DISASTER, she did walk away with some valuable life lessons. She now knows that putting her business on social media was a bad move!! Ya think!! Why a grown a_s woman didn’t know that, is beyond me!! As the old saying goes, “a mind is a terrible thing to waste!!” Going forward, #karruechetran has committed to focusing on her career. YES!! Good answer!! That was music to my ears!!  Cause as #ChisRock said, “penis is a bad investment!!” #LMFBAO!! She is very beautiful and seems like a sweet young lady. I’d love to see her act and model. The good news is, she’s young and has time to get it together. Hope she stays on her grind!!

Welp, those were some of my highlights about the #iyanlafixmylife exclusive with Karreuche Tran on #own. If you missed it, no worries, you’ll catch it. It’s cable; shows rerun to death!!  LOL.

Thank you

Lisa Durden

Image/s via OWN

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One on One with Talent Executive Melanie Massie by Roger Maloney

 Melanie Massie

Welcome to Ufront Media Insights;   

Today, I had the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Melanie Massie, She is one of the best Principal Talent Executives in the entertainment business.  So enjoy my interview with Ms.Melanie Massie on Ufront Media Insights.

Roger- How did you get your start in the media business?

Melanie -I knew from a very young age that I wanted to be in the field of Entertainment, but I always thought I’d be on the other side of the camera as an actress. It wasn’t until I went to college and had 7 internships that I realized my passion was actually behind the scenes. Once I graduated I was blessed with a job as a Production Assistant at BET where I stayed (in various capacities) for 18 years.

Roger- Tell me about your journey to become a Principal Talent Executive?

Melanie- After starting my career at BET as a Production Assistant, I realized that I wanted to try to excel and grow into a producer. After about 6 months an opportunity opened up to produce BET’s flagship show, Video Soul and eventually after much hard work and convincing and badgering my boss, I was placed in that position. Back then BET didn’t have a Talent Dept. so I was not only producing a live show daily, but I was booking it as well. Several years and shows later, Stephen Hill joined BET and was completely shocked that we had no Talent Dept. That’s when BET Talent was born. At that point I had to pick a side, and the rest is history. I spent the next several years heading up the BET Talent Dept. until leaving to launch my own company, Mel Mass Media, in 2010. My relationship continued with BET, just in the consultant role.


Melanie & Beyonce


Roger- Can you talk about some of the artists and actors you have worked with and which artists are your favorites?

Melanie- I have worked with almost everyone in the urban and pop worlds, and many Hollywood A-listers. My favorite and best memories over the years have included Will Smith, Tom Cruise, Jamie Foxx, Snoop, Jay Z, Common, and Beyonce just to name a few, all for different reasons. Let’s just say there’s never a dull moment in my line of work.

Roger- Can you give me an idea of what your day to day duties as a Talent Executive are?

Melanie- Because I work for myself, it varies project to project, but I’m on the phone all day, pitching, following up, pitching, begging, convincing, more following up…it’s never ending. I also take several “generals” with job-seekers or talent looking for new opportunities. I also manage the talent I book on-site for events like the BET Experience (my current project.) Relationships are definitely the key though. I do a lot of booking for charity events, which usually means the artist is required to waive their fees. That is a huge challenge, so a good relationship with a manager or agent is very helpful in those particular cases.

Roger- What advice do you have as a Talent Executive for upcoming artists that want to get booked on TV shows and events like THE BET EXPERIENCE?

Melanie– First and foremost, have a great product. Some people think you need to be signed to a label to get booked, or have outstanding social media numbers. While those elements help to get the product in front of me or any decision maker faster, it’s not the ONLY way. I like to look for talent who take chances with their craft…who are not trying to be like everyone else – the creative standout. When I am able, I love finding new talent and giving them a chance strictly based on their skill, and not who they’re connected to. I will admit that this is harder to do when working for someone else.

The industry is so saturated right now, so my advice to new talent would be to be true to yourself and your craft, and if you’ve got what it takes to be a successful artist, it will eventually shine through. Be persistent and patient though. If it’s meant to be, no one will be able to stop your destiny. Thank you Roger.

Roger– Thank you Melanie and for more information about Ufront Media Insights check us out all of our platforms and stay tuned for more interviews.

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