The Rise of the Next Radio and TV Personality Raina Faisca By Roger Maloney


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Today, I had the pleasure of interviewing Radio Host Raina Faisca.  Raina Faisca aka Hostess With The Mostest, is a media, corporate, and special event host as well a radio personality for Let It Rain Radio.

In May of 2013 Rain was requested by close friend to host her company’s Launch party. That is when The Hostess With The Mostest was born. From that moment on Raina knew she wanted to continue hosting events. Since then she has hosted a plethora of events such as, sweet 16, baby showers, showcases, networking, media, and corporate events.


Rain also started two radio shows: Rain & Kaye Plum show and Let It Rain radio. In September of 2014 Rain and her partner came to an amicable decision to end RKP radio and in October 2014 Let It Rain Radio was conceived. Being a radio personality afforded her opportunities to attend, Activate2K14 Conference where she served as the official News Reporter. Rain also attended the Underground Music Awards and The Global Spin Awards, which landed her interviews with several icons in the music industry. Rain plans to continues to grow her Brand “The Hostess With The Mostest” and to serve as Hostess and correspondent in all facets of the industry. So enjoy my One on One interview with Raina Faisca.

Roger- What inspired you to create your own Radio Show?

Raina- I wanted to start a radio show that highlighted the disparities that plague urban communities and provide solutions, awareness, and knowledge through my platform.

Roger- What are some of the lessons you learned being a women in the media industry?

Raina– I’ve learned that you have to study the women (past and present) in media. This will help you become better as well as being able to see what may be lacking in the industry and finding a way to cultivate that in your brand.


Roger- What makes you stand out and be unique in the Marketplace?

Raina-I think my vibrant personality makes me stand out. I am able to grab people’s attention quickly and engage them. Secondly, I use all the social media platforms that are available to me like Instagram, Facebook,  and Twitter to promote myself and all the guests that appear on my show because it is very important to reach my audience on all platforms.


Roger- What advice do you have for other women who want find their niche within the media industry just like you?

Raina– There are so many areas of media so The best advice I can give is to get involved in as many as you can  and find what is most suitable to you and your brand and make it your own.

Roger- Thank you Raina and for more information about Raina Faisca aka The Hostess With The Mostest you can reach out to her at

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