Let’s talk about “Zoo” by Tomel Waters

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I have a love hate relationship with this show. I like the concept its in the vein of Planet of the Apes except its all animals and not just primates. Cool idea right? But it also has the same flaws as Planet of the Apes where mankind just seems to be no match for these animals even when we are armed to the Teeth!?!?! Sigh.  Anyways the story is worth following  which is genuinely conflicting to me lol. While the animal attacks are a fun part of the show they border on ridiculous like a prison break by a pack of wolves… Smh. Don’t hurt yourself trying to figure out how its possible because the writers sure didn’t.


The show surrounds around a team made up of scientists, a journalist, and an animal tracker hired by the French government.  They are searching for the cause of the animal uprising and hopefully a solution. So they travel around the world to each incident and try to avoid the FBI and local authorities from asking too many questions. Already a few episodes in and its getting old.

Zoo is not without its charms though, a pretty good cast of characters and the random animal incidents becoming less and less random and more of a conspiracy is very interesting. The overall plot I really love and I would hope they answer a good amount of questions about what’s going on. That’s really what keeps me watching is cause I want to know what the heck is going on. What are those pesky animals really up too *Scooby Doo villain voice*

Zoo is a good time filler while many of our favorite shows are on break; but I can’t honestly say this show has or should have a future.

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THE GRIPE: Wolves broke into a prison!  I mean with fully armed guards they somehow broke in and burned the no place down!!!! WTH!!!!! You’ve got to be frigging kidding me!!!! Wolves bruh..wolves.. And not one guard fired a shot, as a matter of fact they ran away screaming. I…I….I just can’t smh

Take a look at the trailer for the CBS show “The ZOO” and look for more TV show reviews coming soon.

Thank you

Tomel Waters


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