Mr Robot: Its Just That Good by Tomel Waters


In the absence of Breaking Bad, Mr.Robot is just as intense, just as addictive and just as brilliant.  From the original and theatrical opening credits each episode to the abrupt cliffhanger endings its a true perfect formula to keep you coming back week after week.


Rami Malek, who you might recognize from the Twilight saga, plays Elliot; A morphine addicted antisocial super Hacker who is a virtual vigilante. Yea its a mouthful, I know, bdut He portrays this character perfectly. The show lets you in to his mind, his inner most thoughts …we, the audience, are his imaginary friend he confides in. Somehow they keep us watching and involved in this characters life on an ethereal and outer body plain. It’s euphoric and abstract…its just wonderfully original!

Eliot’s skills as a hacker gets him recruited by a cyber corporate terrorism group called F SOCIETY aka Mr Robot. They seek to crumble the largest corporation on earth so that they can somehow create an anarchist society in which mankind no longer is a slave to money. Their pseudo Marxist utopia is only a hack away but they find that taking down the maniacal “Evil Corp” is more challenging than they expect.  Filled with countless twists and turns, you can’t ever call this  show predictable. This is a Top tier, top ranking show on my list and if you haven’t discovered it for yourself yet then what the heck are you waiting for.

The Gripes:

Because this show is a drama and follows the Breaking Bad format of Performance over using music to create tension some parts can seem slow or dragging, but its all part of the experience. The soundtrack is cool though dont get me wrong but it can be misleading because its in that 8bit, 80’s syfy style reminiscent of Tron or War Games. In its own way it does add character to the world of Mr. ROBOT.

Thank you

Tomel Waters


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