Johanna Tolentino’s Big Break in the upcoming film CREED by R.S. Maloney


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Today, I had the pleasure of interviewing Johanna Tolentino who is a actress, director and producer about her new role in the upcoming film CREED by the one and only Sylvester Stallone.   Johanna Tolentino got her first big break at the age of 16 on the feature film “Lean On Me” with Morgan Freeman.  After being bitten by the acting bug, she went full fledge into her acting career and booked roles on off-off broadway in New York with the Puerto Rican Traveling Theater.  She then started booking roles in regional theaters around the country including in Atlanta and Philadelphia.  She did a number of industrial films and regional commercials in Atlanta and Philadelphia.  She has also booked roles on various web series, including the web series “Which Way“.  Recently, she appeared as Rosa in The Buddy Holly Story at the Walnut Street Theater, a nurse on the NBC show Do No Harm, and was cast in the short films, “Taking East New York” and “El Pasaje, as well as features “Keep in Touch” and Sylvester Stallone’s upcoming Rocky sequel, “Creed”. Currently she is the creator, producer and star of the web series “Whatever It Takes”.


Roger- Tell me about your role in the upcoming new movie CREED by Sylvester Stallone?

Johanna–  I booked the role of Alexis the lady cop. My character is a no nonsense, tough and just tired of the same old, stuff. She definitely has that annoyed personality. Lol!

Roger -Who directed the film and what is this film about? 

Johanna– It was written and directed by Ryan Coogler (Fruitvale Station), the film is focused on Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan), the son (not grandson, as previously reported) of Rocky’s former rival-turned-friend Apollo Creed, and his pursuit of finding glory in the boxing ring. Sylvester Stallone will be reprising his famous Rocky Balboa role, and will serve as Adonis’ trainer.

Roger – What was your process for preparing for your role in this Film?

Johanna–  My process was to look at as many TV cop shows like Law & OrderNCISBLUE BLOODS. I also asked friends that are police officers how they would handle different situations in the work force.

Roger- How many times did you audition for role?  What was it like on set of creed what was the behind the set of the film?

Johanna– I auditioned for the role once. I heard I booked from my agent about 3 months later. I had a wonderful time on set.  Everyone from the PA’s, hair and make up crew to craft services where so nice and welcoming. I am in a scene with Michael B Jordan and he was so down to earth and what a talented and gifted actor.  Ryan Coogler is one of the best directors I have worked  with.  He is a genius and an actors director. I also had the pleasure to be on set the last day Sylvester Stallone was on. To sit and watch such an iconic actor work. For me it was like being in a masters acting class. class. I just  feel truly blessed to have been a part of such a amazing film. CREED!  I would also thank my beautiful family that gave me the support to get this far and my agent Cassia Valuikas From Plaza 7 Talent in PA.

Roger– Thank you and to find out more information about Johanna Tolentino go to her website at

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