One on One with Writer, Director and TV Producer Ms Tia Rudd by Roger Maloney

Tia Rudd

Tia Rudd

Welcome to Ufront Media Insights;
Today, I had the opportunity to interview veteran television producer Ms. Tia D. Rudd. She was born as Tia-Tenelle Darlene Rudd. She is known for her work on Inside Edition (1988), The Jerry Springer Show (1991) and Hardcore Pawn (2009). So enjoy my interview with this powerhouse TV producer on Ufront Media Insights.

Roger- How did you get your start as a Television producer?

– Well, I was a sophomore at Clark Atlanta University.  One day while in my entertainment law class a woman from Laffapalooza Comedy Festival came in and gave a presentation on interning for the comedy festival. Immediately I signed up and the rest was history.  After college graduation in 2003 I moved out to Los Angeles with $400 and 6 suitcases and a couple of months later landed my first TV job working at Paramount Pictures for the Dr. Phil Show.  The rest is history.

Roger- Name some of the shows that you produced or acted in? 

-I have worked on a lot of shows of course in different positions.  I have had the pleasure of working on Hardcore Pawn, Jerry Springer, Biggest Loser, Dr. Phil, Girlfriends, Inside Edition, Surreal Life, and many many more. As far as acting, I know this was a while ago but I was an actress on BET’s HELL Date and it’s kind of funny because people actually remember me on that show 7 Years ago.

Roger -Tell me how the idea for the online show ETC,ETC, ETC got started and what is the show about?

-I can’t take credit for developing this idea. Tanya Young- Williams created the show & asked me to come on as Executive Producer.  She emailed me while I was in bed falling asleep and I replied YES I WILL Executive Produce the show  (laughs).. that’s usually when great opportunities present itself to me when I am falling asleep (laughs).

Roger -What advice do you have for anyone who wants to be a television producer today and stay healthy at the same time?

-Don’t do it for the money, don’t do it for the fame.  Do it because you really love television and it is your passion.  Have thick skin, very thick skin, and work on communicating with different personalities. Stick to it don’t give up and don’t give it. This business is not for sissies. There will be a lot of ups and downs but giving up should never be an option.

Staying healthy is very important to me as TV producer because you will be always on the run and as your day starts to get busy you don’t want to get in the habit of eating bad food.  I had some health issues in 2012  that occurred and I had no choice  but to become gluten- free.. if anyone is interested about my lifestyle they can always visit my site
In July of 2012 my life changed forever.  I became really weak, super moody, and just really a Debbie Downer to be around. Even though I worked out 4-5 times a week and I mean hardcore worked out I saw no progress.  I was constantly balloted and always tired.  I noticed something was going on with my body and it wasn’t good.  As a television producer I just could not afford to become ill.  I live a very active lifestyle and always on the road traveling and working, so my health is extremely important to me.
Tia Rudd

Tia Rudd

One day I ended up in the ER!  After several blood test it was determined that I was a severe anemic; on a scale from 1-12 if your blood level is below 7 you are considered anemic… welp mine was a 3.4 I was a walking zombie!  Then the doctor handed me a stack of papers and that’s the moment that changed my life forever. He said “Ms. Rudd you have severe food allergies.”  I went down the list and I was allergic to so much I questioned what was I gonna eat, how was I supposed to survive…. off air?  My physician then explained to me that my Gluten allergy was so serious that if I didn’t make a lifestyle change there was a strong possibility I could become diagnosed with Celiac Disease…. My eyes almost popped out of my head!The road to becoming Gluten-Free was not easy.  I loved everything that contained wheat, rye, and barley.  Holidays and Birthday parties were always the worst!  I spent a lot of time clueless about how many great Gluten-Free Products were on the market.  I had no clue where to start! It seemed as though every aspect of my social life was affected dating, traveling, family dinners, girls night out, EVERYTHING! Then one day I saw the light and took matters into my own hands.  I began to research & experiment with different Gluten-Free products day in and day out.  I was completely dedicated to learning all I could possibly learn about my condition and making the best out of the situation.   Once I learned how beneficial living a Gluten-Free lifestyle can be I became really passionate about it, and that’s why I am here … to help guide you through the transition and keep you motivated to live a healthy, fun, Gluten-Free lifestyle!

Roger- Who are some of the people in the media business you look up to as a mentor?

Tia– I have so many it is hard to choose.  I love Oprah I mean who doesn’t.  I love Wendy Williams too she’s definitely taking TV by storm lately.  Barbara Walters that lady has guts!  I love a kick ass business woman!

Roger– Thank you Tia and for more information about Tia Rudd please go to her website at .

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