Interview with Bravo TV Friends To Lover’s Star Marshana Dahilia Ritchie by Roger Maloney


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Today, I had the pleasure today to interview the upcoming star of Bravo’s  TV new television show Friends to Lovers the one and only Marshana Dahlia Ritchie.

The Bravo channel’s show Friends to Lovers is an hour-long series that attempts to answer the age old question, can dating your best friend be the key to lasting love or a recipe for disaster. From casual to complicated, innocent to intimate, this social experiment of the heart follows five sets of singles who take a leap of faith and try to become more than “just friends.” Throughout the Season, the couples must deal with the unique challenges of dating such as awkward first kisses, tests of jealousy and the inevitable reveal to friends and family. While some count their years of friendship as the foundation for their relationship, others want to be swooned all over again.Friends to Lovers is produced by World of Wonder with Fenton Bailey, Randy Barbato, Tom Campbell and Angela Rae Berg serving as Executive Producers. So enjoy my brief interview with Marshanna Dahlia Ritchie.

RogerTell me about your background before you got your big break as one of the stars of Friends to Lovers?

Marshana- Many moons ago….actually, seven years ago, I was on The Bachelor.  That experience was so much fun! Out of the 25 young women to enter the house, I made it to the final six! Since then, I receive many calls to do other shows. I repeatedly turn them down. However, when the casting director called me for Friends To Lovers?, and asked that I audition for this show, I knew it was right for me. I was excited that this experience would be shared with a friend. I jumped right in!

Friends to Lovers stars Marshana and Stefan Leinhard

Friends to Lovers stars Marshana and Stefan Leinhard

Roger Why should viewers tune into your new show Friends to Lovers?

Marshana -Friends To Lovers isn’t a show, it’s an experience. Best friends transitioning to dating is a roller coaster. It’s risky. Challenging. Frightening. Viewers get to go on this journey with us. That’s exciting, and definitely worth watching.

Marshana at the Friends to Lovers premiere

Marshana at the Friends to Lovers premiere

Roger- What advice do have for anyone who are friends but want to make the jump to become lovers?

Marshana -Go. For. It. Sure, you may lose the friendship, but do you really want to always wonder, what if? Tread lightly, choose your words carefully, and dive in.

Roger What are your future goals that you want to accomplish within the entertainment industry?

Marshana– All I want, is to earn a living doing what I love. It’s as simple as that.

Roger-  What advice do have for women that want follow in your foot steps?

Marshana- Know yourself and your brand. Name your price going in and decide what you will or won’t do. Being popular for the sake of being popular isn’t really endearing, not to me at least. For me, it’s important to be worth knowing. Overall, stay strong, persevere, stay the course and never give up. Thank you so much.

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