One on One with Lateef Sarnor Founder/CEO of Kollide TV by Roger Maloney

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Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Lateef Sarnor the Founder and CEO of KollideTV. Lateef is a creative marketing professional with over 20 years of experience at high-profile media and entertainment companies, including AOL, BET, Black Enterprise, and Def Jam Records. During his career he has overseen sales strategy and marketing initiatives working with brands such as Coca-Cola, Ford, P&G, Diageo and Toyota. He is both knowledgeable and passionate about reaching multicultural audiences, including African-American, Hispanic and LGBT audiences across the digital landscape. He also happens to be a pop culture junkie. So  enjoy  my interview with Mr. Lateef Sarnor.
RogerHow did you get your start in the media business?
Lateef– I started out working in Legal Affairs at Def Jam records. After a short stint as a paralegal at a large law firm, I realized that I didn’t want to be a lawyer. So I wrote a letter to Lyor Cohen, then President of Def Jam Records, about my passion for music and interest in working in marketing. They offered me a job.
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Roger -What inspired you to start KollideTV ?
Lateef– While I was at AOL, I was on a panel at Sundance talking about digital distribution. Every content creator in the room had one question, “how do I make money”? Many of them were on YouTube and even had strong viewerships numbers, but they weren’t monetizing their content. I realized there was a big opportunity to create platform that curated the best content that was being created in the digital space and because of my advertising relationships, monetize them more effectively than what they were doing.
Roger -What types channels or shows currently are on the platform?
Lateef– We cover all types of content from scripted series to documentaries. We focus on shows that have strong characters or personalities with a particular point of view.
Roger- How do you monetize the platform?
Lateef– We currently use advertising model to support the site. however, we are in the process of launching a subscription service similar to Netflix and Hulu.  We believe that there is an audience hungry for content that is reflective of their lives and experiences. We’ve held several focus groups and it is clear that today’s audience is willing to pay a small premium to get quality content that is selected for them and delivered to the device of their choice for them to watch when they want.
Roger- What types if programs or content are you looking for currently?
Lateef– We are always interested in “good” content. That means, strong writing, developed characters and it looks good. Ideally, we are interested in acquiring finished (or nearly finished) projects, but we are having discussions with several content producers about concepts they have that we believe have the potential to capture large audiences.
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Roger -What are the future plans for KollideTV?
Lateef- World domination! We want to be the go to network for creatives who want to tell interesting stories that don’t get told often or don’t have a home on traditional network TV. We want to be the place that viewers turn to every night find something different and engaging to watch. To that end, we are planning to ramp up our content production. We want to fund the next wave of stories and storytellers. The types of people that won’t find a home on network TV. We are also planning to host a crowd fund campaign where we will empower the audience to help select which shows get made. Finally we are planning a marketing campaign that will help build awareness of what we are doing. We want everyone to know about KollideTV.
Roger- For more information about KollideTV please go to
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