CITY OF RIGHTS by Nikkia Jackson

Nikkia Jackson

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Today, we are so pleased to introduce a brand new contributor Ms. Nikkia Jackson she is the VP Ufront Media Insights International.  She will be giving her insights on topical news stories happening outside of United States. So sit back and enjoy her story CITY OF RIGHTS.

Paris, known as the city of love and lights. It’s the most visited city in the world, people from near and far come to experience for themselves the magic of this place. And for those who decide to stay and make it their home, like myself, we understand the spell it casts. The city of  Paris is altogether an open museum of history and art. A place where it’s legend lives up to its myth. Here, you understand why for centuries people who were looking to be inspired, to create, end up in her embrace. She’s like a formidable old woman who knows who she is and makes no apologies. She can be altogether beautiful and crass. The beauty is in her knowing and travelers often come here looking for her to reveal her magic to them, whether it be in love at the top of the Eiffel Tower, inspiration while sitting at a café where the likes of James Baldwin sat  and wrote or beauty in front of the Mona Lisa. However, the unfortunate events that took place last Wednesday thrust Paris and its surrounding areas center stage for horribly different reasons.

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By now most people know of the events that took place beginning Wednesday morning and ending in a stand-off, complete with hostages, three days later. But it’s Monday, the day after the historic Unity Rally and the skies are overcast as it usually is during wither months placing a somber but resolute mood over the city. This morning was the first work week back since the final standoff between officers and suspects ending with all three gunmen dead and 17 innocent lives gone. Today people are going back to work, back to their lives trying to return to some sense of normalcy, most knowing in their hearts that yesterday is gone and with it, the challenge of a new normal. It’s impossible to un-see or un-know something once its happened, especially something so tragic.


As a native New Yorker, I understand, first hand, what it’s like to wake up to the unthinkable. Unsuspecting people going about their workday targeted in the name of terror. Its a fact that not only lives are lost when that happens but when something of this magnitude happens to a nation it threatens to rip through the psyche of the people as well. Once the initial shock settles in and the need to know why and how a tragedy like this could happen, people often turn to each other or their faith to help them understand. The historic rally that took place on Sunday, January 11th 2015,  where over 2 million people took to the streets in solidarity and defiance against weapons of terror, both tangible and intangible, was an amazing display of strength and an unbreakable will.


There is a sense of unity a collective defiance that sparks the consciousness of a nation that can only come out of something so terrible. It’s always a site to witness the power of people coming together to voice their determination to fight against anyone or anything that will try to dismantle the core beliefs of freedom and liberty. Ready and willing to face the new challenges that threaten to divide them. Reigniting and reminding people who stand for the same thing all over the world that we are still greater than their attempts to undermine that belief. We woke up this morning understanding that today is a new day and yesterday is gone but also maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

Thank you

Nikkia Jackson, VP of Ufront Media International

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