Empire: You will either love it or Hate it! by Tomel Waters


Welcome to Front Row Reviews with Tomel “Clever Gemz” Waters;

Fox premiered their newest show Empire starring Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard, and it was interesting.

The story takes place during a time when a successful record label mogul has reached his pinnacle ala P.Diddy.  And now the struggle for power over the label has begun when his ex returns after a 17 yr stretch behind bars and sees that her initial investment has flourished beyond what she could have imagined. Is as if the premise is based off the Eddie  Murphy “I want half, Eddie ” joke. Anyway their oldest son is also looking to take over before his two younger talented brothers are dubbed CEO, so there lies your conflict. Throw in some original music, doo rags, gold chains, the latest trend of token homosexuals and you have a mesh of Sopranos meets Glee.

 Okay straight talk time. For the sake of censorship and editorializing I will replace the “n” word with the term “urban”. This show was very very Urbanish from beginning  to end. Was the music good? Yes, this show stands alone as musical drama.. Neither there is nothing like nor do I think there will ever be anything like it on network television again. Was the acting fantastic?

For the  most part it was… They focused on the main characters but left out just enough to keep you watching so on you can get more pieces to the story. So overall it’s a solid show and a strong effort and quite revolutionary on many levels.


Here’s  the deal it’s a good show that will lack crossover appeal because the content solely appeals  to the urban community. the way they think, react, respond, to the situations they are in will probably  not be fully understood  nor completely accepted by our suburban  counterparts. And with no crossover appeal  on a network like Fox to boot,  I have a hard  time seeing  the future success of this show. So with that being said, it is a good show in my opinion and definitely worth the watch. And it will make for great water cooler talk but  I’m not sure “everyone ” will be able to get in on the convo.

Thank you!!


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