Top 10 shows of 2014 you should be Watching by Tomel Waters


Many of my favorite +shows have ended over the last couple of years but I have to admit, I’m actually impressed by much of the original programming out there ….. And I don’t mean just the obvious overly popular shows either. Here’s a list of 10 shows you should be rushing home to watch!!

 1*The 100-


This show is impressive from start to finish. Its like game of thrones meets lord of the flies and hunger games. Its fresh original with some of the best twists on network television. Its also great to see Isaiah Washington back on the small screen.  I don’t even know how to sum up the plot for you without confusing you lol. But here goes. Its the future; earth is post nuclear war; we live in space; we have no more life support in space; we find a way back to earth to find there have been a lot of changes and danger lurking behind every corner… Whew that’s the best I can do with no spoiler alerts sorry … You have to watch it for yourself.



Refreshingly funny, great cast, great chemistry. You will fall in love with this show. Its a new spin on the my fair lady/pretty woman theme which derived from a classic play from Shakespearean times…. Not that that’s whats important here. Whats important is that you will feel all sorts of emotions through each episode, you’ll laugh and cry, and laugh some more. And even though ABC cancelled It  (bad move) I hear HULU has picked it up so make sure you watch this Show. If you are a fan of Scrubs or just about any other good show ABC cancelled, then this is the show for you.



Ok, I’ll admit I wasn’t much of a fan when this first aired. It just seemed like they were pandering to the female audience more than us geeky comic book guys at first. But thanks to Netflix and the new trend of binge watching, I can say that I’m glad I gave this show a second chance. Some of the episodes may drag a bit but if you hang in there you’ll find that its leading up to something that will blow your mind! The action is on point, the acting is CW material but the story line is like hitting that right spot in your ear with a Q – tip to us comic book junkies. Personally I watch this show for the Villains. They really “steal the show“…pun intended.

 4*The Flash*


Holy Moly!!!!!  this show is amazing. I know what your thinking,”so he runs fast, big deal”…. But its more than that. Kudos to the writers for putting layers and depth to major comic book hero who is not easy to Bring to life let alone make entertaining. But they have done this show right. I’m going to just say it…. This is the best Super Hero TV show in decades. Nothing against Smallville; but a superman that doesn’t fly was kind of annoying to me. Watch this Show you will not regret it!!

 5* Forever


If your a fan of Sherlock or Elementary and wondered if Sherlock could be immortal like a Highlander, what would happen?. Well here is your answer. Take the fore mentioned and mix that with the chemistry of the Cast from Castle and you have got a hit. The lead is cast perfectly and they created an arc that’s addictive and pleasing to watch. If you haven’t seen this amazing show I suggest you get with it cause ABC cancels everything lol.

 6* Grimm


Ok if your not really one to stomach the gore  then this may not be your cup of tea. I’ll admit that the  show is an acquired taste but its pretty consistent on delivering great supernatural action and drama. There’s nothing I can compare it too but its a really fun show if you don’t mind a scare or two and its on my top 10 must watch list because its original and it bound to be a cult favorite!

 7*Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


 The first season got off to a slow start which is the m.o. For most Jos Whedon shows. But he’s a genuine story teller and you have to give him some slack to get to the nitty gritty.  I am a definite fan of this show now. Its midway through its second season and I am proud of how the characters and the story has evolved. (spoiler alert)Bringing Agent Colson back to life after his death in the Avengers movie seemed like both a risk and a stretch… But they somehow found a way to explain it thoroughly and cover their bases. This show provides a great balance of drama, action, and light wit and comedy. They are the James Bonds of the small screen and it great watching them save the world every episode .



Yea its on “Skinamax” so you know its not for kids. Put them to bed and enjoy this dark, gritty, action-packed thriller of a show. The show provides some of the best original characters I’ve ever scene. Its almost like watching a live action graphic novel ala Sin City or 300. And its not one of those shows where the good guy walks away unscathed.  Truth is there is no hero. The shows protagonist is both an anti-hero and a thief but you still find yourself rooting for him anyway.  He’s the closest thing to wolverine without claws .So get caught up cause you wont want to miss a minute of this.



Creepy? Yes… And while I’ve enjoyed this show its also kind of educational. Finding out the different kind of stalkers out there is an eye opener. I’m also rooting for a hit for Dylan McDermott since I haven’t seen him on latest American Horror story seasons. And this show is a really good fit for him. But overall this a a great detective drama and definitely worth checking out.


download (1)

If your still tweaking from lack of The Wire and looking for a good replacement then look no further. Gracland is undercover overload! One house filled with undercover agents from almost every agency that has aronymns and you’ve got some great drama. A strong cast and excellent story arcs for every individual makes this show almost impossible to become boring… You wont lose interest as you watch the secrets and lies, twists and turns unfold. They all tangled webs and they are all tangled up in them.

I hope you enjoy my top 10 list for 2014 and Happy New Year stay tuned for more UFRONT MEDIA INSIGHTS in 2015!!


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