Hot Looks For The Holidays & Beyond! by Lisa Durden

Roger Maloney

Welcome to Ufront Media Insights,

Today, we are so pleased to introduce a brand new contributor Ms. Lisa Durden.  Her new segment is called Lisa Durden….My World, My Way.  Lisa will be given her straight with no chaser insights about the pop culture world.  

So sit back and enjoy Hot Looks For The Holidays & Beyond!!!!

A little known fact about Lisa Durden is that I was a model on the chitlin circuit in the late 80’s and 90’s. For those of you who don’t know what that means, chitlin circuit is when you are modeling at bars, dives, and local, tacky, venues; usually in the hood. LOL. But don’t get it twisted, a lot of people got their start on the chitlin circuit. Needless to say, I became obsessed with fashion, hair and make up!!

Looking good was my religion back then. I never left my house unless I was runway ready!! You couldn’t catch me going to the laundry mat without my hair right, my clothes tight and my face snatched!! I didn’t play that!!   My philosophy was, “if you want to be a model, you MUST always look like one!!” Although I never made it to #SuperModel status, I have continued to love fashion, hair and make up. I am a student of fashion!! I never miss an episode of #FashionPolice or fashion segments on my fav talk shows like #TheWendyWilliamsShow or #TheReal. I even cover events like fashion week on my cable show, #TheLisaDurdenShow. So I still consider myself an expert on fashion trends and I gotta tell ya, WOMEN, y’all have more misses than hits!!


I don’t know what it is, but some women just don’t get it!!  Women make the most outrageous fashion don’ts!! Stuff be too tight!! Booties don’t be looking right!! Hair be looking jacked and clothes be looking wack!! OMG Is It Me?? Some women think just because something fits or something is on trend, she should wear it. NOT!! Everything doesn’t look right on every body type. And that includes make up and hair. Some of y’alls heads are too big for those quick weaves. Some of y’all use dog hair for your weaves and it looks shaggy!! Yes, I mean you white girls too!!  LOL. Some of y’all throw on fake lashes that are so long they meet you at the door first!! NASTY!! Some of y’all are still using black eyeliner to line your lips. REALLY?? Whyyyyyyah!! The rule of thumb is, you have to accentuate your best assets and hide the bad ones in order to achieve a 360% look!!

So Ladies, instead of me kicking your backs in this season, I’m gonna hook y’all up!! The holidays are just around the corner and I know y’all wanna look fly for Christmas and New Years Eve?? No worries, I gotcha covered!   I invited a Celebrity Glam Squad on The Lisa Durden Show to share “The Hot Looks For The Holidays & Beyond!!” #TamikaGlamDivaLow…Celebrity Fashion Stylist/owner of #LoweKeyFashionFinds in Union, NJ. #NedjettiHarvey…Celebrity Natural Hair Artist/ owner of Bloomfied NJ salon, #HairByNedjettie, featured in #OMagazine, clients include; #SharkNado, #JadaPinkettSmith, #UzoAduba…#CrazyEyes from #OrangeIsTheNewBlack, #AmericasNextTopModel #EvaMarcille. #CazzFleming…Celebrity Make-Up Artist working with the entertainment industry’s best such as #TylerPerryProductions, #RainforestFilms, #VH1, #BET, #MTV, #FOX, #Fox Sports, award winning actress #AlfreWoodard and developed her own make up line….#CassalenaReyCosmetics.

Lisa Duren blog pic

As you see, they hooked me up from head to toe!! SNATHCED & BEAT!! Yaaasss!! So if you want to get “glamafied” too, watch The Lisa Durden Show @ 6pm, Tuesday, December 9th on Newark, Cablevision, Channel 19. If you miss it, no worries, it rebroadcasts 6pm, Tuesday December 16th, 23rd, and 30th. For those of you who live in Manhattan, you can catch the show on Manhattan Neighborhood Networks, 5:30pm, Wednesday, December 24th or online at 5:30pm, Wednesday, December 24th as well.

Thank you and look out for more LISA DURDEN…. MY WORLD, MY WAY. 

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