One on One with Kevin Joyce Chief Commercial Officer of PIKSEL with Roger Maloney

Chief Commercial Officer

Welcome To Ufront Media Insights;

Today I had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Kevin Joyce the Chief Commercial Officer of Piksel.  PIksel has created and managed OTT video monetization solutions for some of the world’s leading media brands: AT&T U-verse, BSkyB, Channel 4, Mediaset, Sky Deutschland, Sky Italia, Vodafone and more.

Kevin is responsible for all customer-facing personnel and activity including sales, marketing, client delivery and partnerships for PIksel worldwide. Mr. Joyce has more than 25 years of experience in executive management, sales, and marketing, specializing in the media and graphic arts industries.   Prior to PIksel, he was with Miranda Technologies where he served as the Chief Sales & Marketing Officer focused on transforming Miranda from hardware products to software solutions. Miranda was purchased by the Belden Corporation in July, 2012.  From 2005 to 2010 Mr. Joyce served in several executive positions for Eastman-Kodak, including Chief Marketing Officer of Kodak Graphic Communications Group and Managing Director, United States & Canada.

Kodak’s Board of Directors elected him a corporate vice president in December 2007. He is a published author on the integration of the sales and marketing functions as well as a featured speaker at such events as The CMO Summit, Corporate Visions Conference, The Aprimo Accenture: Marketing Operations Excellence Forum, Revenue 50, and Advertising Week.  Mr. Joyce is a graduate of St. Michael’s College with a BA in American Intellectual Studies and is a graduate of Harvard Business School, Executive Business Program.  So please enjoy my exclusive interview with Mr. Kevin Joyce Chief Commercial Officer of Piksel.


Roger – Describe your role as the Chief Commercial Officer at Piksel?  How many clients has your company currently served?

Kevin: My role as chief commercial officer is that I am responsible for all consumer and client interactions at Piksel we have 800 employees at Piksel and 100 of those work with the client focused on sales and marketing  and product management strategy.      That represents over 1,000 customers that we have worldwide that work with our services to provide in some part of the video value chain from AT&T who uses us to help build manage and maintain and all the way down to faith businesses were we provide video platforms for ministries and different types of church’s across the USA.

PIskel image

Roger- Piksel is one of the world leading supplier of Video Modernization Solutions. What services do you provide for your customers?

Kevin- We provide the Piksel video platform and that can range from a full video on demand system that you have from the cable companies or a video service like NETFLIX or APPLE TV where people have a subscription based platform or advertising based platform, depending on the business model that our customers want to work with.

Piksel video platform tailors our service depending on what our customers want so it can range from a simple video player to advertiser based platform.  Underneath that we have a professional service business where customers want to have some custom work done and we have very long term engagement with the world’s largest media companies where we provide them with custom development with their video solutions.

We host in data centers, and manage their video platforms thru our manage services offices.   So we have the network operations center and its manned 24/7 and we work with data centers around the world where we also maintain and make sure video services are handled 24/7.


RogerPiksel also provides a suite of products such as the Piksel’s video platform, Solution Accelerators, Second Screen Interactive, Piksel OVP, APP Studio, Digital Signage can you tell me what each of these products do?

Kevin- What you are seeing here comes from tools that we created over the last ten years and we quickly implemented video platforms and currently on our website it needs be more customers focused instead technically focused and those are all offerings that we have within our company which will allow people to very quickly create their video platforms.

We also have the Piksel Palette and it has a variety of technologies and you can pick the ones you want and we can quickly create your platform.  One of those products you mentioned was the 2Si and that is an application that allows people to connect to their video platforms,mobile devices, and their tablets. They will have a very robust and unique engaging experience on that second device.

So imagine you are watching your TV in your living room and you can be sitting with your tablet and your phone and having an enhanced experience while you are watching that show and different content been delivered to you and advertising delivered to you with different media interfaces.  People today are now watching their video content on multiple screens and are on their mobile devices.    At the same time more applications are going to get people to have multiple screen experience depending on the price point and what social media you want to interface with as well.

Roger- Tell me about the Rise of the Digital Church and the work your company does with Church?

Kevin– What we did about 6 to 8 months ago was to take this technology like the App studio, 2Si, and we changed they way we spoke to the market place and started to talk about the customer needs and we came up with the digital church. We also have the digital stadium and we have content creation aggregation and those are the different applications.   Once upon a time people talked about selling video to a church then the question arose, Do church’s really need a video platform?   So I what I noticed is the churches were interested in becoming a digital church and how they wanted the ability to get the word out of the four walls of the church and spread it in a digital way.  So the digital church is a full solution and a video platform with a arrange of applications that we provide the church so they can interface with the clientele.

We have the Roku app which we interface with TV everywhere on their mobile devices.  We interface with social media and a church gets to select all of the different components of digital solutions completely managed by the digital church. Now there is no reason why a church today can’t be as professional broadcast looking just like NBC, CBS  or ABC and we do that with our full suite of services which we call the digital church. And finally the younger generation is looking to engage with that church in a far more digital way.

Roger-  What advice do you have for businesses that have not embraced using video to create value for themselves?

Kevin-  I think video is very intimidating for people but what Piksel is bringing to the market place so they don’t need to worry is the technological side and the business model around video.  What they should be worried about that is how video can help your business be and look better.

The job is to take advantage of video and content and get it out there to spread the word to those that are looking to monetize it.  We like to spend our time with a customer that has a business model and based on the business model,  we can find out what they want to do and what we can do is show them our technology.  We take care of their video platform and everything else.

Roger: Thank you Kevin and for more information about PIKSEL go to and for more one on one interviews please tune in to UFRONT MEDIA INSIGHTS.  Thank you!!

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