How to Get Away with Murder: The New Addiction


Welcome to Front Row Reviews with Tomel “Clever Gemz” Waters;

I have to say that this show is amazing!   If I had to describe it in one word it would be Provocative! Kudos to an amazing cast led by Viola Davis whose character makes Olivia Pope look like an innocent little girl scout.

The show begins with a bang, not literally, but its an explosive scene between our would be main characters and right away your glued…. Stuck… The first hit of an absolutely addictive new show has just hit your veins! It’s fresh and original and its hard for me to not flood this review with a bunch of spoilers ; but instead I want to rave about it till you see it for yourself.  Consider me your pusher man and How to Get Away with Murder is the best high I can offer.

So here’s the gist;, five eager college students are fighting for positions in their college professors firm … But the show time lapses between a point where they are all involved in a murder and back to when they were fresh wet behind the ears students.  There are so many twists and turns and zig zags and surprises that by the end of the pilot episode your jaw will drop and all you will be able to say is “Whoa!”.


The Gripes:

My only real Gripe is that I really did want to see more of  Viola Davis.  Not that the other characters weren’t important or lacked in anyway but there is just something about a no holds barred , morally ambiguous, crusader of victory over justice lawyer that keeps you wondering what is she going to do next? and how deep does the rabbit hole go?

Overall if there is any show that can dominate and compete with Scandal… This is It!

Thank you and have a great weekend!!!

Tomel Clever Gemz Waters


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