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GOTHAM is the story of Jim Gordon as a rookie detective on the tough streets of Gotham.. The  same city that will birth a man who dresses like a Bat and and kicks major butt.  BUT just so you know this show is really focused on the back stories of iconic villains and corruption within the Gotham police force.

Overall it’s a pretty good show delivering lots of action a comprehensive story line  and so many great characters to build on. I tend to be lenient when it comes to acting as far as bringing a comic book to life goes.

But in all honesty the cast is pretty spot on.. Even the eccentric character Fish Mooney portrayed by Jada Pinkett-Smith peeks your interest, even though it’s a character made especially for the Show.



The blessing of so many great characters can also be a curse. THOUGH I doubt the writers will continue the pattern of shoving characters in our face like they did in the pilot.  My hope is that they just wanted to tease us with by throwing as many villains as they could in the pilot episode, which I get, however it was kind of unnecessary and made the story choppy. There were a lot of gratuitous fillers including a young Catwoman who could have been left out of the episode all together… Smh.

Thank you

Tomel Clever Gemz Waters

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