Nakeisha R. Jennings

Welcome to Ufront Media Insights;

 Today  I would like to introduce Nakeisha R. Jennings is a Contributor Writer  on UFront Media Insights.  She  has fused a decade of marketing experience into her career as a Public Relations and Brand Strategist. She has built a reputation helping clients be heard, be relevant and generate revenue in today’s competitive landscape.

Best known for her development and marketing roles for conferences, fund-raising and red carpet events her acclaimed roster of organizations include All Kinds of Minds, Thurgood Marshall College Fund, BE Organic, The Guttmacher Foundation, Friends of The Congo, Women Doing It Big, Movies, Mountains and Film Festival and Education Through Music and the Merge Summit 2014 Celebrity Gifting Suites. Through a diverse sponsorship portfolio including Nivea, VeeV, Ideeli, Hyatt Regency Hotels, Redken, New York Urban League Young Professionals, Black Enterprise, Crunch Fitness and O.P.I. her clients have been able to ignite their brands and further their mission. From business to luxury brands, her clients have been featured in Crain’s New York Business, Essence, ARISE TV, BET Network, The Hollywood Reporter, Marie Claire, CoCoa FAB, Everything Girls Love, on Black Enterprise, Dr. Oz, Bethenny Frankel and more! So enjoy !!!


If you spend more than five minutes each day reading your social media timeline (and we know its more than that), it works out to over 30 hours a year! I could go on a mini vacation with 30 hours in a week!!!!!

So today’s question is: WHO/WHAT ARE YOU GIVING YOUR TIME TO? 

1. Iron indeed sharpens Iron! That’s why who/what you surround yourself with matters – even on your timeline.  Our social networks have become part of our daily regiment.  Some folks wake up to Instagram (we’ll discuss support groups on another post, lol) first!

2. Your timeline, much like our home closets, need occasional reorganization.  This is less about your number of  followers and more about who YOU share YOUR energy with.

3. Who doesn’t work better in an organized environment? Have fun with social media AND also use this opportunity to tap into your greatness, resources, events, go-getters, knowledge bases, supporters and even new clients!
Many thanks and continued success to the inspirational, motivating, witty, stylish and driven individuals I have the pleasure of connecting with!  I appreciate you for following @LuxeRowVIP on social media and sharing your valuable time with us.  For more information about my Luxe Row go to www.http://luxerow.com

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Thank you and Have a great day!!


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