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Welcome to the latest contributor to Ufront Media Insights MISS METAVERSE  as she discusses free apps to organize your College Life.

Hey college peeps! Summer is over. You’re sorta excited, sorta scared of getting back in the grind, and sorta curious about where you’re headed in life (just all around), am I right? The struggle is REAL! Trust me. I know just how hard it is to get your ass back to class just after another summer that flew by way too fast. F-yeah that’s a rhyme!

This semester, remember why you started. Remember how important it is for you to get that piece of paper. Know that no matter what, you’ll soon earn a level of credibility that will last a lifetime. 

One of the world’s most incredible film directors, David Lynch once said that the best way to create something incredible is by holding on to your original vision of what got you motivated in the first place. This holds true for all professions and arts. As a creator, I have always held on to my vision and that has always been the future (although I didn’t even know there was such thing as a futurist for almost my entire life). Your vision is all you need to get to your destination.

So, vision? Check. Fresh new semester? Check. What’s left?

ORGANIZATION! Step up your back to school game by organizing right away. Think of these free apps as your own little cheat codes to help you stay on track this season. Download these free apps for college students so you can focus and organize your goals by energizing performance.

Free Data Apps:

BenchPrep: Are you ready for the “big tests”? Study for the CPE, GMAT, SAT, LSAT, & more with BenchPrep! This app provides countless courses and preparatory material for numerous admission exams. Prepare for your certified courses with all resources at disposal on your digital device. BenchPrep also provides access to the largest free interactive library of courses along with professional exam study resources. Android

Free Discipline Apps:

Studious: There is nothing more horrifying than having your phone ring or send alerts while your professor is giving a lecture (alright, maybe there some things more horrifying…). Studious silences your phone during lectures and blocks your phone so you won’t be distracted during class. This app is also handy because you’ll definitely have those days where you’ll be running to class so you’re not late (and forget to silence your phone). All you have to do is add your school schedule to the app and the rest is done for you. Oh, and if you’re addicted to texting (like almost everybody), this app will intervene so you can’t text during class either. Android

SelfControl: Whoa. This app will be like your virtual father who catches you cruising Buzzfeed instead of studying and then SHUTS YOU DOWN! Yes. This app actually prevents you from accessing distracting websites during study hours. All you need to do is set study hours, blacklist your top distracting websites, and press start. There is no cheating, since restarting your computer or uninstalling this app won’t help you with unblocking blacklisted websites until time expires. Step up your game! Do it! BOOM! Android

Free Fitness And Exercise Apps (And Website Recommendation):

Sworkit: Have you gained a freshman 15, 30, 50? You better work it girl (or guy). Just because you’re crazy busy with classes and studying doesn’t mean you can’t work out. Like Nike, just do it. Werk your body with Sworkit, a free exercise app that will inspire you to get moving with a circuit based workout plan. The app is great because it alerts you when it’s time to switch exercises. The mix-up of moves and workouts keeps you motivated and you’ll feel so much better after you got that workout in. Android

Dream In Green Girl Blog:

ALSO! Ladies! (And bros) if you want to live like a true Futurista™ then you need to learn about toxin-free living. In the future, our world will become way more crowded and polluted so it’s very important to start learning about how you can detoxify your body with small changes so you can find balance! Visit DreamInGreenGirl.com, an organic lifestyle blog that is dedicated to helping college students save money while living toxin-free. Check out their free workout videos, recipes, makeup (which all rates under a 3 on the EWG database), and more.

Free Recording Apps:

Smart Voice Recorder: Have you ever tried recording your lectures? If not, start doing it! Studious allows you to record up to 75 hours of high-quality audio so you can store those important lectures this year. The app features a smart voice recorder that automatically pauses when your lecturer isn’t talking and resumes again as voice levels get higher. Android 

Dragon Dictation: Multitasking. What does this word mean to you? Well, if you’re like me, you’re probably always working on multiple projects at once. Although my college daze are long over, I still use Dragon Dictation to help me store thoughts for future projects. Writing notes on paper is an archaic thing to do and it’s time consuming to sit there with your smart phone’s Notes section open as you try to think of what to write so you can get organized. Forget all that! Using Dragon Dictation, you can speak the notes you want written and the app types and stores it for you. This app is like your personal assistant, and best of all, you can speak to the program while you’re also texting, Tweeting, emailing, and even Snapchat! Wait, what? 😉 Android

Thank you and Stay Tuned for more blogs from MISS METAVERSE on UFRONT MEDIA INSIGHTS

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