ONE on ONE with ONE 9 Producer,Director of the NAS documentary TIME IS ILLMATIC with Roger Maloney

 one 9

 Welcome to Ufront Media Insights:

I had the opportunity to talk to director/ producer ONE 9.  He is Director/Producer of the hit new documentary TIME IS ILLMATIC ( a documentary about legendary Hip-Hop Artist NAS.

Twenty years after the release of Nas’s groundbreaking debut album ‘Illmatic,’ NAS: TIME IS ILLMATIC takes us into the heart of his creative process.  Returning to his childhood home in Queensbridge, Nas shares stories of his upbringing, his influences — from the music of his jazz musician father Olu Dara to the burgeoning hip-hop scene in New York City — and the obstacles he faced before his major label signing at age 20. Featuring interviews with his ‘Illmatic’ producers (Large Professor, Pete Rock, Q-Tip, L.E.S., and DJ Premier) and musical peers (including Pharrell Williams and Alicia Keys), NAS: TIME IS ILLMATIC is a thrilling account of NAS evolution from a young street poet to a visionary MC.

One9 is a an award winning multimedia artist, director, producer and editor. His clients have included Google, PBS, Viacom, Sony Music, Smithsonian Institution and several non-profit organizations. As an artist One9 was selected by the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York to create an original series of artwork presented to their selected music talent in 2013-2014. Nas: Time is Illmatic is One9’s feature length directorial debut. One9 was born in Washington DC and lives in Brooklyn, New York.  So sit back and enjoy my interview with ONE 9 one of the hottest media producer talents that is here to stay.

Roger– Who are some of the role models you look up to in the media business?

ONE 9-I look at those who are making a difference in lives other than their own using  technology the arts, music or culture to inspire and uplift the community.

Roger–  Name some of the past media projects you worked on or created?
ONE 9- I directed/produced the Nas documentary called Time is Illmatic with Writer/Producer Erik Parker. The film is set to release with a North American concert tour with Nas and go theatrically with a VOD and online push in October.

One9 and Film Crew

Roger–  How did you get started the One9 Series for Music artist at the Barclay’s Center?
ONE 9-I’ve been an artist my whole life. Throughout the years I also learned the game of Chess. Taking risks and developing patience is allot of what art and chess does teaches. You put your energy out there and things happen. It was an honor to get a call  from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn to create custom paintings for the musicians that perform at the arena. The bands can keep the paintings or use them in an silent auction to raise money for their charity. “Contant Elevation Causes Expansion…” Rakim
Roger- How did you get the idea doing the documentary about NAS ILLMATIC ALBUM?
ONE 9- My film partner Erik Parker and I created Time Is Illmatic as a feature length documentary film that delves deep into the making of Nas’ 1994 debut album, Illmatic, and the social conditions that influenced its creation.  We wanted to show a different side of the culture that raises awareness to the conditions that surrounded a youth as he developed into one of the greatest lyricists to bless a microphone.  
Roger-  How did it feel to have the opening night at the TRIBECA film festival with your film?
ONE 9- To open the Tribeca Film Festival in April 2014 was truly an honor especially as a first time filmmaker. We knew the importance of telling the story of our culture that was honest and raw using the film as a tool to inspire future generations. In addition to releasing the film globally we are also in the works of creating an Educational Curriculum that will be used to teach in High Schools and Colleges in 2015.  
Roger- Thank you ONE 9 and for information about ONE9  and the TIME IS ILLMATIC go to @IllmaticMovie and you can reach out on twitter @One9Actual.  Thank you and stay tuned for more one on one interviews on Ufront Media Insights.
Thank you!!!

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