One on One with MD Callahan, Founder of Vodkila THE WORLD’S FIRST VODKA and TEQUILA BLEND

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Today I had the opportunity to interview with Mr. Md Callahan COO and founder of Vodkila spirits, as well as the founder of Vodkila spirits since 2004. His role as founder and COO is gaining daily accounts such as liquors stores, clubs, lounges restaurants.  He also handles visibility for Vodkila and he is  involved in all marketing for Vodkila and promotions.  He is in charge of course of putting the Vodkila girl team together for Vodkila and his role is pretty much what ever is needed lol and all off these duties are done on a daily basis. So enjoy my interview with Md Callahan founder of Vodkilla.

VODKILA pic brand

Roger- How did you started the company?

Md- What I did first was form a solid team of people with the same goal as mine.   I did research for what exactly I wanted to  accomplish so I got a lawyer first and worked on name of company for the official launch ready for business in 2004.


Roger: How did you come up with the  name Vodkila?

Md- I came up with the name Vodkila, by taking the 2 alcohol contents and putting it together such as vodka and then you have tequila by combining the two the brand tell you exactly what it is Vodkila vodka + tequila = Vodkila


Roger: How do you promote the brand?

Md- I promote the brand  first by using all of the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and  we try to been seen everywhere and we do events all kinds of sponsorship parties, we have shot glasses, Vodkila chains shirts, videos commercials.  Vodkila does all of these things to promote the brand.  What makes Vodkila so different is, there is only one Vodkila vodka and tequila blend on the market, Vodkila is 8 times distilled there is no other product on the market with that process. Vodkila has the highest grain of 180, the tequila is blue agave top tequila in the tequila family. Vodkila is the smoothest brand cause of the formula that’s produced.


vodkilla at night

Roger: Take me thru the process on how you created the Vodkila commercial?

Md- For the commercial we had to think about what we  want the public to think about Vodkila, paint a picture for the consumer.  When you drink Vodkila you will never forget that  it is a fun drink and by drinking Vodkila you will have fun period.  Second, every man dreams of having beautiful ladies around and for the guy’s Vodkila makes you feel like a king Third, for the ladies  there in there element of dancing and having fun with your girls while drinking  Vodkila.

Roger: Why did you create the Vodkila girls what was the inspiration behind that?

Md- Inspiration for the Vodkila girls is to always have an attraction. Seeing beautiful women together. You have Ciroc boys geared for men. The Vodkila girls are actually part of Vodkila.  Vodkila girls are a sorority and all women are Vodkila girls. Women rule the world so they say lol so we feature them as the engine that runs Vodkila.

vodkila girl

vodikilla girl pic 4

Roger: What advice do you have for anybody who wants to create a lifestyle liquor brand?

Md:  My advice for liquor creators, learn all aspects of the liquor business, do not cut corners. Its a hard and long road so be sure this is something you really want to do. Study society, try to create a lane for yourself to put u in the best position for your product. Keep an eye on what other liquor brands are doing so u will be kept in the loop and again this is a long procedure so the worst thing to do is waist your own time.


Roger- Thank you and for more information about VODKILA go to and on Facebook at facebook/Vodkila Spirits

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