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Welcome to Front Row Reviews with Tomel “Clever Gemz” Waters

I’ll admit that I wasn’t impressed at first by STARZ new drama “Power”; executive produced by G-Units founder Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson.  It just seemed like a story about a drug lord turned club owner caught in a love triangle with his brown-skinned wife and Puerto Rican girlfriend a bit stereotypical and frankly consistent with any $3.99 novel you can pick up from a vendor on Fulton street downtown Brooklyn.

With that being said, I am a big enough man to admit when I was wrong , and I was wrong to prejudge a great drama that though its not perfect still keeps you on the edge of your seat and drooling for more. The story takes on a life of its own as you begin to see the characters unraveling,  its well shot, well produced, and well directed. The scenery and backdrop of NYC is fantastic.  This show is the Sopranos for a new generation.

Starz "Power" Premiere - After Party

The Gripes:     I do have a few bones to pick with the casting of the whole thing. Naturi and Omari make one hell of an odd couple, Not to mention they have 2 kids who look nothing like them, (Naturi herself still looks like a kid, throws me off every episode, I’m just not convinced she’s a mother of  two). Not to pick on Naturi because most of the cast went to the Tyler Perry school of acting, by that I mean they are more focused on line delivery than being natural. Its like watching a bad stage play sometimes.

power clip omare and wife

However as the episodes progress some of the acting (to my surprise) has grown exponentially. Especially the acting of the Supporting Cast!  Kudos to Joseph  Sikora for his role as Tommy. Granted it is reverse racism at its best cause he’s the token “majority” but he’s one of the few actors on the show that is evolving with their character and by the season finale you want to see more of him.

Overall good writing, good production and a strong supporting cast is this show’s saving grace; but it’s enough to keep you hooked and looking forward to next season.

Thank you

Tomel Clever Gemz Waters

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