ONE on ONE with 2014 BET Sunday Best Contestant Kristen Joyann Jamison


Roger- What inspired you to be a gospel singer?

Kristen- My inspiration to be a gospel artist comes from my family. I’m a 4th generation. My grand aunts and uncles sang in church, my grandmother has been singing and playing for a church since she was 12 years old, and my mother and my father are ministers and musicians. Trust me, I tried to run from that thing because that’s most of what I know. My mom played Sunday morning and I was born Monday. When she was able to return to church to play, there I sat right next to her on the organ or piano. I was exposed to all genres growing up. My dad toured with a funk band. My mom and I did stage productions together , as well as separately. I grew up in church on hymns, anthems, spirituals and traditional “church” music. At home, we listened to everything: jazz, funk, reggae, hip-hop, r&b, classical, show tunes, Arabic, everything!

Roger- Who are the artist you look up to and why?

Kristen- The artists that I look up to are the ones that have that “staying power”. The ones that know how to relate to anyone in the room. I look up to the ones with that “Holy Ghost Swag”, great examples in the earth for Christ. I look up to Yolanda Adams, Kierra Sheards, Kim Burrell, Tamela Mann, Tasha Cobbs and the Mary’s (Erica & Tina Campbell) to name a few.

KJOY Jamison pic.2jpg

Roger: If you had to build a gospel singer like architect  designs a building  what characteristics would put  in your gospel singer?


Kristen–  A mind to live right as unto the Lord,; a knowledge of the word and wisdom to know how to use it to draw souls to Christ. Eyes to see the hearts of the people and discern in the SPIRIT. Ears to hear from God. A Voice that is anointed by God, skilled and powerful. A wise and “slow speaking tongue” that speaks life to all they encounter. Hands to lift up praise unto the name of our God and to reach out to help others. A heart after God and the things that please Him; one with compassion for others. Legs to carry the gospel of Jesus Christ to places that have never heard of Him. Feet to dance before the Lord and use nice shoes while you praise God in the Dance!

Roger- Why is a platform like Sunday Best a good thing for Christian music artist?

Kristen– Sunday Best is a great platform for Christian Music artists. It gives raw, developing, undiscovered talent a chance to showcase what God has given them. It gives them an opportunity too expand their respective ministries to reach millions of viewers. God has a group of people that He assigns us too and the Sunday Best platform helps reach those we are assigned too. I’ve received many messages from people I’ve never met before regarding how my ministry has blessed them and encouraged them to go on and “see what the end is going to be.


Roger-How important is social media for you as a Christian artist and what platforms do you use?

Kristen- Social media is a great tool to reach many at once. Social media is very useful when it come to connecting with fans and perspective business partners. But there are two sides to that coins. It can also be very dangerous and distracting. But as the word says, “to the pure, all things are pure.” So , if your intentions are pure and not malicious, it will be useful and entertaining. I use Face Book, Instagram and I’m getting into Twitter. I don’t really understand it but it’s a tool to spread a lil sunshine. some people are in a very dark place in their lives and your lil light may give them some hope!

Roger- Besides singing what other types of ministry do you feel called to do?

Kristen- Besides singing, I feel I am called to the ministry of helps. I love to assist other in anyway that I can. I find myself giving people a ride and just blessing them because there is a need there. From time to time I feel a little “preach” down on the inside but I’m waiting on that one. I am also called to the ministry of intercessory prayer. The answer is “YES” until God says “NO”! If He says that you are free and delivered, you are! It scares me sometimes because God shows me things when I really lay before Him. I’m like, “Lord, please don’t show me anymore!” Lol. But I’m grateful that He trusts me to carry the anointing.


Roger- What advice do you have for young artist today that want to follow in your footsteps?

Kristen– Make sure that you are clear on your assignment and have thick skin. Do your homework and put the work in. Yes, pure talent is great but there is nothing wrong with becoming skilled in your art. God is an EXCELLENT GOD and we must present ourselves and operate as such. Spend time with God and He will direct your path and show you who you need on your team and where you need to go and who you need to speak to when you get there!!! Learn fast that everyone is not going with you and some people in your life just along for the ride. Pray for STRONG DISCERNMENT that you might hear form GOD and see the enemy from a far off.


Roger- How important is having a church home as a Christian artist in the 21 century?

Kristen-  It is so important to have a church home as an Christian otherwise you would be a spiritual mut. Everyone can’t speak into your life. There needs to be a watchman in your life that can see the enemy before you can and pray for you.  I thank God for my covering, Bishop Michael C. Butler, pastor and founder of the Victory Tabernacle, PAW, Inc. He is my “dad”! Oh what a leader! I have learned so much about working in the gifts, moving in the Holy Ghost, upholding the standard of HOLINESS and being servant of the house. He has taught me through he word of God what it takes to be a great ministry in the HOUSE and in my house. I’ve learned the importance and rewards of being a “daughter of the house”. I’m forever grateful! I thank God for the priest of my house, my husband, Min. Alex Jamison who serves in the house of God as well as our home. He is protector, provider, and priest of our home.

Roger- Thank you so much Kristen and for more information about Kristen JoyAnn Jamison you can reach out to her at the information below and stay tuned to more interviews on Ufront Media Insights.




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