ONE on ONE with Brain Cohen Co-founder of and Chairman of NYC Angels with Roger Maloney

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Brain Cohen founder of at the PRNEWSWIRE Round Table about The Evolution of Digital Communications.

Here is some brief insights about his background;

Brian is considered the father of science & technology strategic communications having founded Technology Solutions, Inc. (TSI) in 1983 supporting startup technology companies in computing, communication, software, education, and entertainment. For more than a decade he maintained a very broad strategic communications partnership with Sony & IBM. TSI received the Gold CIPRA award for creating the IBM Deep Blue/Gary Kasparov Chess Match communications program.     In 1996, TSI was the #1 fastest growing agency in the US. The McCann Erickson World Group acquired TSI in 1997. As a researcher, Cohen created Focus Technology, an organization providing qualitative research and instituted the RPM model of integrated communications. As a publisher, Cohen was a pioneer in the founding of a number of the first computing publications including Computer Systems News and InformationWeek magazine.

Brian Cohen now serves as the Chairman of the New York Angels who has invested over $50 million in more than 70 early stage companies. Among his many angel investments, he was Pinterest’s first investor. With the belief that all new products, services and ideas should be easy to discover, find and share, Brian launched a next generation — Free — self-publishing PR news platform called in May 2012. It powers many attendee, media news and information guides for major events and conferences.

My Insights: 

What I took away from this PRNEWSWIRE event is that Brain spoke about becoming a conversation starter within your industry and to stay dedicated to your niche audience the example he told the group was he stated “It is like being at a party and there is always someone at the party that can hold and a start the conversation at the party and that is what the next generation of public relations, journalist and social media managers needs to do within their communities is become a conservation starters!!.

Click on the link below to see the brief One on One  video interview with Brain Cohen after the PRNEWSWIRE event.

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