One on One Interview with Actress, Director, Producer and Model – BRIGID TURNER



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Today I received the opportunity to interview Actress, Director, Producer and Model Ms. Brigid Turner.

She is an upcoming artist in the field of Acting, Modeling, Dancing and Directing. She is a very unique, creative, professional and a dependable individual. Her beauty and talent is uncanny and classic. Her most recent notable work was accomplished as a model for the As I Am Naturally hair campaign. She was a featured wife in the film Just Wright and was portrayed as a body double for Mary J. Blige on a Chevy Traverse Commercial and for Jennifer Hudson in the movie The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete.

She has directed and choreographed dances for music videos. As to date, she has directed 5 short films. She is currently perfecting her craft by engaging in various studies in the areas that will enhance her ability to advance in her career. When you speak of dedication, versatility and a creative perspective for the arts, this dynamic New York native has developed a budding directing, modeling and acting career around her natural talent, beauty and classic presence. Starting in theater and excelling in modeling, dancing and directing; she has elevated her way through and outside of the local Brooklyn scene.

Brigid is listed as number 25 on IMDB’s Up and Coming actors to look out for. Her very first interview was done by Brown Sugar Daily in which she expressed her struggles, accomplishments and love for the entertainment industry. Her music video directing debut came when she directed “Jump and Shout” with saxophone artist Lakecia Benjamin. One of her latest music videos in which she produced, directed and starred in; “Close The Chapter” has won a few independent awards from Beat 100.    She is also one of the 2013 Beauty & the Beat Heroines of Excellence recipients. In addition to commercial casting, modeling, and series of  parts on television and motion picture films such as Just Wright, Law & Order, Spider man, and American Gangster.  Her role in her first independent film Coda which was directed by Scott Rosenbaum has developed her love for the independent film genre. Brigid Turner plans to continue to strengthen her portfolio and expand her exposure in the entertainment and modelling industry. So enjoy my interview with Ms. Brigid Turner below:

Roger: How did you get your start in the film business?

Brigid Turner: I started in the film business by booking a role as a model in Spider-Man 3 and a Diana Ross look-a-like in American Gangster. That is what fueled the start of me wanting to be in the film world. Roger:  How did you get started as an actress?

brigid turner actress

photo by Kermit Hayes

Brigid Turner:  My start in acting came from my world of modelling fusing into the acting world. Roger:  Talk about your passion for being a writer and director how did you get started? Brigid Turner: The first piece that I wrote was a short film called For A Dark Skin Girl which was later turned into a series that I wrote. The pilot for that series was filmed in New Orleans in the fall of 2013. After I completed my 1st short film, I then wrote 3 more. I now am passionate about writing stories that will hopefully captivate the audience to want more of my work. brigid turner director Roger: Why did you start your own production company? Brigid Turner: I started my own production company in 2013.   I started my production company because I wanted to be able to provide a platform for my actor and crew friends that were not able to get into the big blockbuster avenue. The company is a platform to produce independent films and music videos. It is also an opportunity for all that is involved in and on a project to grow and learn as we all work together to put a on production. Roger: How do you use social media to promote your films? Brigid Turner social media Brigid Turner: I rely heavily on the social media to promote my films and other projects I am working on. I am online daily promoting. Roger:  What social media platforms do you use?

brigid turner on the computer

photo by Jamie Grill

Brigid Turner – I use all of the social media platforms.  I have had a few people reach out to me that to showcase and promote my work as well. Roger:  How do you get your films financed? Brigid Turner–  I finance all of my films on my own. For the pilot series, I used the Indiegogo online crowd funding campaign and few fundraisers. Roger:  Name the some of the current film projects you are working on?

for DARK SKIN Girls

photo by Sylvia Torres

Brigid Turner -I am currently working on the post production of the pilot series For A Dark Skin Girl. This is a series that I created, wrote and directed. I am in the works to film another short comedy I wrote this summer. Roger: What does the future hold for Brigid Turner and what advice do have for women who want to enter the movie business today?

brigid turner director on set

photo by John Flowers

Brigid Turner– Right now, my future is about getting the series picked up and to be able to film the entire series. I would also like to advance my career level in working with some name actors and crew members . I want to continue to grow and develop a strong foundation as a filmmaker and have my production company elevated as the years go on. The advice that I would give other women wanting to be in the entertainment business is, believe in yourself, work hard, be around people who have done what you want to do and are doing want you want to do. This business is hard work, just like everything else. If you stay focused and treat everyone with respect, you will go a long way. Roger: Thank you Brigid and for information about her work please check out these links: Dark-Skin-Girl/204879376336848?fref=ts Twitter is @FADSG2013 Instagram is Foradarkskingirl2013

Roger:  Stay tuned for more interviews on UFRONT MEDIA INSIGHTS. Thank you !!! !  

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