One one One with Neil Gaydon President and CEO at SMART Technologies with Roger Maloney


Welcome to Ufront Media Insights;

I had the opportunity to attend  the launch event at the Smart Technologies headquarters in New York City.

The event was a live presentation and discussion about classroom collaboration and the role that technology plays in education and there was panel of experts and technology thought leaders to discuss the Smart amp and other social media platforms.
The panel consisted of such names as:

Clay Shirky – Digital media/digital collaboration theorist
Angela Maiers – Educator/Author/Writer/Speaker
Cristin Frodella — Group Marketing Manager – Education at Google
Warren Barkley – Panel Moderator and CTO of SMART Technologies

Secondly, after the panel discussion and live cross country classroom collaboration of the Smart Amp with students in New York and San Diego.   I had the opportunity to interview Mr. Neil Gaydon the President and CEO of Smart Technologies about The SMART Amp technology and how their technology allows collaboration between schools and students and how this will be the future of learning and education.

Here is a brief bio of Mr. Neil Gaydon:

Neil Gaydon

Neil Gaydon was appointed President and CEO of SMART Technologies in October 2012 and became a director of the Company in February 2013. Prior to joining SMART, Mr. Gaydon was CEO of Pace plc, a technology developer for pay TV and broadband service providers. During his tenure as CEO at Pace, he led the company through a major turnaround resulting in a ten-fold increase in revenues to become the world leader. Prior to becoming the CEO of Pace, he served in numerous executive and senior positions there, including President Pace Americas, which he established and led for five years. Before joining Pace, Mr. Gaydon worked with a number of technology companies in various key roles. Throughout his career, his hallmark has been defining and executing strategy, creating effective structure and changing business culture on a global scale.   Mr. Gaydon is a graduate of Harvard Business School in the Advanced Management Program. His awards include 2009 Institute of Directors ‘Director of the Year’, 2009 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award winner, 2008 TechMARK Personality of the Year as well as leading Pace to three consecutive Queen’s Awards.

So now click on the video and tune into my exclusive interview with Mr. Neil Gaydon President of Smart Technologies as he talks about new the Smart Amp platform and the future of education.

Thank you
Roger Maloney

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