One on One with EVP & Chief Operating Officer, Media Services Joan Gillman by Roger Maloney


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I had the opportunity to attend the Time Warner Cable Media Digital New fronts in New York City, the theme for their presentation was FORWARD FAST which is a personal mission this year for the company, as they create new services and platforms that will put the company forward in the marketplace with consumers and brands.     After the excellent presentation of all the content and services that Time Warner Cable Media has to offer I had the pleasure of interviewing Mrs. Joan Gillman and asked her one question about how she felt about Time Warner Cable Media being apart of this year’s IAB 2014 DIGITAL NEW FRONTS.


Here is  a little insight about her career background.   Joan Hogan Gillman is the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Media Services for Time Warner Cable.    In this role, Ms. Gillman heads up the ad sales force and leads the effort to deliver advanced advertising, data and interactive solutions for advertisers and network partners. She joined Time Warner Cable in May 2005 as Vice President of Interactive TV and Advanced Advertising.

Ms. Gillman has been on the cutting edge of new technology in media and advertising since she first joined the internet industry in 1995. From 1995-1997, she served as Vice President of Marketing for the leading Internet Service Provider (ISP) for the healthcare industry, Physicians’ Online. From there, she made the jump into Digital TV when she moved to the U.K. and headed up the business development, regulatory and legal teams for British Interactive Broadcasting, the digital and interactive TV joint venture between BSkyB, BT, HSBC and Matsushita. After returning to the U.S. in 2001, Ms. Gillman served as President of Static2358, the interactive TV, games and production subsidiary of OpenTV. So enjoy my one question interview with Joan Gillman EVP of Time Warner Cable Media.

Roger Maloney: Congratulations, Ms. Gillman I wanted to ask you how excited are you about having Time Warner Cable Media at the 2014 IAB Digital Newfronts for the first time?

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Joan Gillman:  The Digital Newfronts  for me are very exciting and we are so glad to be apart of it.   There have been stories all week been told about great content and for any marketer to navigate that content they need insights and they need partners that will find the big ideas and bring those ideas to life across multiple platforms at scale.

One of the things that we talked during our presentation is our development of  28 “TV Tribes” of passionate content viewers, and that we have found new ways to program to these Tribes.  We are also taking a big step toward becoming a player in the brand-building space. But chances are we will make the greatest strides in local markets where we have  built a strong advertiser base.

So we are very excited today to bring our new data insights our new digital products and our great content to prime time and share with the digital New Fronts. We decided to our theme should be Forward Fast because that how we need to move as company to make our products and service better to serve out customers.  

Roger Maloney– Thank you

Stay tuned to more great interviews on UFRONT MEDIA INSIGHTS!!





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