One on one with Mark Coatney, SVP of ALJAZEERA DIGITIAL AMERICA with Roger Maloney PART 4

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Mark Coatney

In Part 4 with my exclusive interview with Mr. Mark Coatney the SVP of Digital for Al Jazeera America, Mark talks about how social media has changed the news business.

According to Social Times, in 2012 there were 2.4 billion Internet users, and 1.4 billion of them were using social media. Nearly 50 percent of Internet users surveyed said they regularly or occasionally heard about a breaking story on social media before it broke on mainstream sources. And this trend drives a lot of people to news sites. In fact, since 2009, social media buzz has resulted in a 57 percent increase in traffic to news sites.

Now online dominates the news market, with 64.5 percent of people going to official sites like The New York Times to get their news. Surprisingly, nearly 30 percent of people still get their news from the papers, but social media is hot on print’s heels with 27.7 percent of consumers.

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