One on One with Evita Robinson Founder of the Nomadness Travel Tribe by Roger Maloney

Welcome to Ufront Media Insights;

As you all know it is Black History Month, and we always focus on the achievements that people of color did in the past and that is something we all are proud of.   Today I wanted to focus on individuals in the media that are creating Creating History Now and one of those individuals is a beautiful young lady by name of EVITA ROBINSON the creator of the Nomadness Travel Tribe. 

The Nomadness Travel Tribe, created by Evita Robinson and stemming from her travel series Nomad·ness TV, is an urban, travel, online social community of over 4,000 members all wrapped into one.  The Nomadness Travel Tribe is an edgy, under represented demo in the international travel industry, and we’ve formed our own Tribe. In the invitation-only platform, we share stories, advice, photos and conversation about our personal experiences around the world.  According  Evita “We are the new age travel movement !!


Roger. How do you get the idea to start the Nomadness Travel Tribe and how big is the Tribe currently? 

Evita: The Tribe is currently at right around 5,000 members and growing. The idea for the Nomadness Travel Tribe was bred from travel withdrawal and not finding an outlet when I got home from living in Asia for about a year and a half. Family, friends, boyfriend…no one got what I was going through and I searched for an online community. The ones I found were boring and not diverse at all. What I didn’t find, I decided to create.


Roger. How did you come up with the name Nomadness?

Evita:  I was on a Skype IM conversation with a guy I used to have a crush on while I was living in Japan. He spoke about wanting my help with a project, and my reluctance came only from my travelling schedule. He responded with ‘Yes, I know I’ve taken your nomandess into account.’ He had no idea I was looking for a name for my web series.  It just stuck out to me.


Roger: Before you started the Nomadness  Travel Tribe what was your background?

Evita: My back ground was Television Production freelancer. So I have a strong passion for creating good content and that is why I created Nomadness TV so viewers can get an inside view on what it is like to come on a NOMADNESS Travel experience.  One more  thing about Nomadness TV  is it a show that I have been shopping around to various TV networks because I believe that viewers need to see and know that people of color travel too so i very excited about the shows were are producing and we have more coming soon.


Roger: Why is producing content for the Nomadness Travel Tribe important to you as the Founder?

Evita: I come from a television and video production background, so it was where I started. Travel came later. In today’s culture and society the world has shrunk by the internet and experiences are shared visually. It’s important to stay true to that. It also makes the movement tangible. It’s not some floating theory. Tribe members are literally all over the world and we have the content and experiences to prove it.


Roger: You Just came off of your first College Tour what was that experience like?

Evita: Humbling and amazing. To be able to talk directly with the students and see their excitement for something like Nomadness was absolutely amazing, day in and day out. They took amazingly to it.

evita travel

Roger: Why is it important for people to travel in your opinion? 

Evita: There is an education that one can only get by experiencing life outside of what they see and feel each and every day. Redundancy breeds complacency and we are in a complacent place in the US. You travel not just to learn about others, but you learn who you really are.

Roger: How can someone join the Nomadness  Travel Tribe and be a member?

Evita: You have to have at least one passport stamp to join. Go to for more information. It is a great group of people who love to travel.

Roger: What are some of your favorite places you have traveled and why? 

Evita:  Cambodia because it caught me by such surprise. The people were so helpful and humble even in the poverty that is all over the place. I have an affinity for ancient ruins and walking through Angkor Wat was just amazing.  Japan, after living there for a year is my second home. I love that I can drop myself anywhere in the country and feel comfortable, especially knowing how uncomfortable I was when I first moved there. Japan, especially Niigata, will always have a piece of my heart. Bali has been a refuge in my late twenties. It’s the balance to the hecticness that is New York City and a place I am seriously considering getting property in.


Roger: Thank you Evita and for more information about the Nomadness Travel Tribe go to WWW.NOMADNESSTV.COM 


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