One one One with Erik Matlick CEO of Madison Logic with Roger Maloney Part 1

Welcome to Ufront Media Insights;

Today I had the opportunity to interview Mr. Erik Matlick CEO of Madison Logic. Madison Logic is leading the way in data and online lead generation. They are a complex organization and like an orchestra, all of the pieces need to come together at precisely the right moment and rhythm. They understand each piece is integral in the overall success of the company, each person has a voice, the ability to contribute limitless value and the opportunity to build a limitless career. They have some of the most talented, competitive and devoted people of any company in our space.

Madison Logic At A Glance:
The company was founded in 2009
Grown to more than 50+ employees in both the US and Europe
More than 450 publishing partners Our customer base spans over 10 industrty verticals including: business, construction, e-commerce, energy, finance, government, healthcare, human resources, marketing, retail, & technology
They provide access to over 50 million unique buyer interactions

Watch the my interview and learn about how they got started.

Thank you
Roger Maloney

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