On on On interview with Damon & Jo host of Travel on a Dime with Roger Maloney

Welcome to Ufront Media Insight;

I had the pleasure of meeting Damon and Jo at Advertising week after they came off of their panel about Generation Next using social media to promote their brands.

Damon and Jo have a show on YouTube call Damon and Jo Travel on a Dime. The show is about teaching viewer how to travel the world with little money.
Ever wanted to travel the world? Never thought you could afford it? Damon & Jo do it without the five-star hotels or first-class flights. Dey broke!

Damon & Jo is a travel show for those who cannot afford Travel Channel’s “Top Ten Hottest Beaches of Cabo” or for those who cannot relate to Samantha Brown and Anthony Bourdain’s luxurious travels. Damon & Jo are broke and want to travel too, dag nabbit!

These two create guides to inspire other real people to get out and travel. They want to show that you can actually see the incredible pictures your “repin” on Pinterest, and like on Instagram.


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