One on One with MiGente Mobile Network Founders by Roger Maloney


Mi Gente Mobile is an innovative lifestyle mobile phone network that targets the Latino demographic in the United States.  I had the opportunity to interview the founders of this new innovative mobile network Mr. Andre Mullen and Mr. Manuel “JBlaze Garcia so read below and let’s get some insights on this new mobile network targeted for the Latin audience.

Roger: Good Afternoon Guys, Tell me how did Mi Gente mobile got started?

Andre M: Mi Gente Mobile is the result of a decision that Manuel (Manny) and I made in November 2011 to think out the box and really target our demographic (faith based Latinos) in a new and fresh way. Two weeks later after this decision, I received a call from a former business associate/friend from London who was working for a mobile virtual network enabler (MVNE). She knew about my work in the Christian market and wanted to know if we would be interested in becoming a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) – similar to Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, just to name a few – under their company totally geared toward the Christian market. I then began a conversation with her about what I was currently doing which was toward the Latino market and when she did her own research, she was excited. I told her that we would love to create something like this for the Latino market. She agreed at the potential, brought it to her team, and they expressed the same enthusiasm and green lighted the project.

Manuel G: The thing that I believe had Andre and I so excited about the opportunity to create an MVNO like Mi Gente Mobile was that we knew that there wasn’t and really isn’t anything out there in the market like us. We have never been competitors. We have always just wanted to create what we believe would be an innovative and unique brand. We believe that we have that with Mi Gente Mobile.

Roger: Why is it important to target your cell phones to the Latino market place?

Manuel G: I wouldn’t so much say that it is “important” for us to target Latinos. I would say that it’s more of a desire to introduce Latinos to a service, a technology, and a platform that understands them. I’m Latino and I am not trying to be Latino.  While I understand there are a lot more of us using smart phones, I do know that all the big mobile companies are trying to reach Latinos with a non-Latino mindset. You can’t dumb down messages to us. It just makes us not want to interact with the brand because we then consider it offensive. We’re loyal when it comes to brands that talk to us and not DOWN to us.
One of the things that we embrace about Mi Gente Mobile is that we are about community – the lifeblood of the Latino market. Many of us have rich family histories and staying connected to that is important. We provide a service that encourages staying connected, helping, and assisting the community at home and at large.

Andre M: I agree with Manny. We didn’t create Mi Gente Mobile with the thought of “Wow, the Latino demo is growing so big and we can get paid. Let’s target them.” We have already been working in the Latino market via radio, internet, and television so it just came natural to us.

Roger: What features does your phone have that our audience would like to know about?

Andre M: There are important features to our service that people should be aware of. First, we have the lowest international calling rates in the industry. You can call direct to countries like Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Ecuador without having to pay a monthly fee. Second, we have a “refer a friend” program where if you refer a friend and they sign up, you receive $20. Third, we donate to faith based and community organizations. In addition, we have a revenue sharing model for churches that enable them to use our platform to make $10 for every member of their congregation who become subscribers and then $1 per month for the life of the plan.

Manuel G: Andre and I really want to help faith based organizations and churches because they are about building community. In Latino communities across the nation, churches and faith based organizations play a major role in the development of Latino immigrants and their families. Those entities need all the help that they can get.

Roger:. What makes your Migente mobile different that an Apple, Samsung or the new Black berry phone?

Andre M: Mi Gente Mobile is a wireless service that utilizes the Sprint USA network. Were not only sell subscription service, but we also sell Sprint branded, Android phones on the CDMA/LTE network. We carry brands such as Samsung, HTC, Kyocera, and LG.  We don’t carry Apple or RIM (Blackberry) products.

Manuel G: What makes Mi Gente Mobile different is that we have supporting technologies that enhance our offerings. We have access to some of the best app developers and creators – some of who are Latino themselves. We want people to know that we’re a lifestyle brand for Latinos.

Roger: What does the future look like for MiGente Mobile?

Andre M: The future of Mi Gente Mobile is bright. Our confidence rests in the fact that we have a unique offering to a group of people who are all about community engagement and growth.  We are partnering with a wireless phone recycling company and an insurance company that will give our subscribers both better protection and better assurance that their phones will be insured.  We also are adding apps and other technologies to enhance the service for our subscribers as well.

Manuel G: I’m excited about Mi Gente Mobile because it is something that we love to do. We’re creating everyday – thinking of new ways to do, what we can enhance, and so on and so on.  We have a content side to Mi Gente Mobile – ( – that enhances and puts Mi Gente Mobile out there for people to engage. We have a group of young bloggers/writers who see the big picture of the Mi Gente Mobile brand through content and we’re working with them to develop some other unique and innovative avenues for the brand to grow as well.

Roger: Thank you Guys!!

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