My Favorite Speakers Recap at Pivot conference 2013 by Roger Maloney


My Favorite Speakers Recap at Pivot conference 2013 by Roger Maloney

Welcome the Pivot the conference 2013 live and direct in the heart of New York City. The theme for this year’s event was the Total Digital Experience.   The Total Digital Experience means we as social  media marketers can move social media inside the board room of today’s companies to make all departments work together including the employees be more open and cooperative.  I attended  two  great panels at Pivot Conference and they are the Magnet Media Roundtable and the presentation by Professor David Rogers of Columbia University. Below are some of my notes from those panels that I really gave me some new insights on how I do things as a content creator and a blogger/ journalist.

Magnet Media at Pivot 2013

I attended the Magnet media session with guest speakers Megan Cunningham the CEO of Magnet Media and the key points she made are:

1)      Magnet media follows a content plan that they use with their brands that is called. THINK .MAKE REACH. Think about the content you are going to make. Make with the consumer in mind.  Use Data to make sure you connect with your audience.

2)      Megan Cunningham talked about how they use the THINK. MAKE. REACH plan to help the PBS station created three new programs for their target market which is kids.

3)      PBS wanted a more predictable way to create content and Magnet Media helps clients like PBS to create promotion and programming markers.  They also help them build communities around their content that they co-create together and build their clients audiences.

4)      Magnet Media uses YOU Tube audit to give them insights to know if their content they create for a brand or for themselves connects with their audiences.

2) The Mobile Shopper Research by Professor David Rogers of Columbia University Pivot 2013

The second speaker that stood out to me was Professor David Rodgers of Columbia University School of Business Professor of Digital Marketing and he highlighted the mobile shopper. Here are some key points from his presentation.

1)      A mobile assisted shopper is a customer in the store that is looking at prices on their phones while in the stores.

2)      21% of customers are mobile assisted shoppers.

3)      These mobile assisted shoppers  love a variety of discounts for example, they love sample products

4)      They love convenience for example Wal-Mart will let you know you when you arrived in their store with a locator in the store that you can see on your phone.

5)      They love the right information – Kroger’s the grocery store has an program that allows customers to create their own shopping list and give you a map to find your items in the store on your phone. I LOVE THAT!!!

6)      Mobile shopper loves social engagement for example THE EVAN STORE uses mobile engagement because customers check in on Four square and on their Face book Timelines.

Both of these speakers really give some good points and insights about video as a marketing tool for brands and  getting inside the mind of the mobile shoppers and what consumers do while we shop inside major department stores.

Thank you

Roger Maloney


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