The Brand Review starring THE Swiffer by Roger Maloney

Welcome to The Brand Review and today the Brand I want to review is the Swifter.

I know everybody has a mop but you need a swifter because if you don’t have one you need to get one. A mop is just a thing with that has  bunch of strings on it and then after a while they fall off the mop stick and then you have the clean the mops strings too Come on Man!!
This brand is something that I love and here is why cause if you have kids not normal kids but the kids that have the MUTANT POWER of spilling stuff on your nice floors and the stuff they spill is so hard to get off your floor then you need Swiffer. So the next time you are in the Super Market get a Swiffer because the using a mop won’t cut it when you have mutant kids that love to spill food on your floors. So I give the SWIffer 4 STARS!!!!!
Check out this video called The Power of the Everyday Effect by Swiffer you will love it.
Thank you
Roger Maloney


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