Interview with Uyen Tieu co-founder of Rumble“The mobile first publisher platform”by Roger Maloney


Interview with Uyen Tieu co-founder of Rumble

The mobile first publisher platform”by Roger Maloney


Roger: How did you get started in the media/tech business?

Uyen: It was a little bit of an accident actually. I was a management strategy consultant, and had wanted to go from advising companies to helping build companies. As a consultant to major corporations, my expertise was strategic planning that was applicable really to any industry – so as I looked to go in-house somewhere, my main guiding compass was that it had to be with a company that had a strong consumer brand. Since I had a background in fashion, my most natural inclination were fashion houses, but in looking at brands that spoke to me, MTV kept creeping up  because at that time no other TV channel had really captured the hearts of people the way MTV had – for…

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