Tiana Von Johnson Business Woman, Real Estate Guru and Rising Media Executive By Roger Maloney

When I interviewed Tiana Von Johnson I was very inspired, motivated and fired up to stay passionate about my own personal love for the media industry.  We are always excited to put our viewers onto the new leaders behind the scenes, especially those creating new types of content and personal brands for themselves.

 Let me give you some back ground insights about this dynamic woman.    First, she was born and raised in the Bronx, New York.  Her climb to success began when she was seven years old by developing a knack for entrepreneurship selling records with her dad, an international record dealer in Harlem.   She developed her creative side by watching her mother make hair pieces, sew, knit, make dolls and arrange flowers.   Tiana was more interested in playing mogul and creating make believe to do lists and delegating to her staff of stuffed animals.    On the fast track, she received her Bachelor’s in Business Administration and her Masters in Business Administration. Still under thirty, she pursed opportunities in entertainment, took acting classed and went to film school.   Last, she used all those skills to step out on faith and create Gold Star Properties and Madison Layne Real Estate. 

 When you mix all those ingredients together and what you have a woman who is built for success from the inside and out so please enjoy my interview with Ms. Tiana Von Johnson.  


Roger -How did you start your company?

Tiana– I started my company because I was working a traditional 9am to 5pm  and like we are all told to do, you know, go to school and then go to college and then get your  9 TO 5.  I’m not knocking anyone doing that, but when I was doing it, I felt like I was held in bondage.   I felt like the walls were closing in on me. I know a lot people feel that way in their current situation and I was going to work not feeling fulfilled and I would tell myself, “I feel trapped and can’t do this”, BUT, if you continue to do the same thing, you will continue to get the same results!

So I decided to take a step out on faith and resign.  I was living check to check and I had no game plan, no direction and I didn’t find my passion.    I did know that I had a passion for television production, but I didn’t have any job lined up.  The long and short of it, after my resignation letter, I gave myself 6 weeks to get myself together.  As it came down to the wire, I was slapping myself and said what am I am doing, what am I thinking, but I had to make a life changing decision.   Then I saw an ad for a real estate class on Wall Street and it cost $350 dollars.  I didn’t have it and I called my friend and told her that if you let me borrow the money I will pay you back when I close my first deal.  Within two weeks I saw the vision very clearly.  I saw that I was in something that gave me financial freedom and it gave me a freedom to do other things and I said Wow!  I started working for two Jewish real estate companies and I said to myself I can do this and I left that company and decided to start my own company [Goldstar Properties (gspny.com)].

Roger- What gave you the inspiration to create your own reality show called POWER HOUSE?

Tiana– I have a strong passion for media production and I put up my own money and hired a production team and I decided to create my own reality show which is going to premiere on the Style Network this fall.  The show, “Powerhouse”, is about my team of real estate agents, who are mostly women, and it is going to show how my team sells real estate in New York City. It going to be great and I am proud of the show.

RogerWhat gave you the passion to create your own conference for women called the Women Doing it Big Conference?    

Tiana- This is a conference that is near and dear to my heart. I know there are a lot of women currently struggling and living pay check to pay check just to make ends meet.  So I decided to create the Women Doing it Big Conference as a forum to share how they feel, to network with other women and hear encouraging words from other successfully women.  What makes this conference so special to me is that I wanted to show what a successful woman looks like and to help young women find their own voice, follow their passion and change the negative images that they see around them.

RogerWhat you the five things that women can do today to create their own personal brands like you? 

Tiana- The five things that I would advise women to do are the following;

  1.        Find your passion
  2.        Find  your vision
  3.        Find your own voice
  4.        Write things down
  5.        Visualize it, Execute it and Do it .

Roger- Thank you so much Tiana!!!

You can learn more about Tiana Von Johnson at www.tianavonjohnson.com.

Follow her on social media at @tianavonjohnson. 

To attend her upcoming conference, Women Doing It Big 2, the website is www.womendoingitbig.com

Enterprising entrepreneurs interested in their own career in real estate can inquire at Goldstar Properties New York www.gspny.com or www.joinmypowerteam.com

We are proud to announce Ms. Von Johnson will be a featured panellist at our UFront forum on June 6, 2013.

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