One on One with Carrie Simmons IFBB PRO. Fitness,Health and Social Media by Roger Maloney

carrie simmons

This is Part 1 of a 3 part series highlighting women in the fitness and bodybuilding in recent years there has been a lack of media coverage and female  bodybuilding’s downward spiral has been evident to us fans for years. Lack of support within the industry, no media coverage, and lack of corporate sponsorship. I wanted to highlight some of these athletes and using digital media to promote their personal brands.  I had the opportunity interview Carrie Simmons who is a IFBB PRO and fitness competitor. She in my opinion is the future of women’s fitness and bodybuilding  I wanted talk to her about her career and her advice on how to stay fit.

Roger -How did you get started in Fitness and Bodybuilding?

Carrie -I am a Fitness competitor. We tend to be less muscular than bodybuilders and do a floor routine that includes dance and gymnastics. I started training in college after a few years someone suggested I try competing. I was too small for bodybuilding so I tried fitness competitions.   I began my fitness training over 12 years ago when I first fell in love with bodybuilding. I went on to compete and succeed as a national level bodybuilder and now in Fitness competitions where I combine my  love for the gym with acrobatics and dance. I am also a Aerialist: Think cique du solie: trapeze, hoop, rope and silks.  My aerial training began for me at the Philadelphia School of Circus arts in 2003.   After finding a serious passion for the training, I began to perform with Air Play, Philadelphia’s own company of professional aerial acrobats.  After moving to the Los Angeles area, I found Kinetic Theory and I continue to perform, now with Kinetic’s Circus Troupe and is an assistant aerial coach.  I have a passion for fitness and love sharing it with others.

I also specializes in weight loss, toning & firming, bodybuilding, core strength, and flexibility. I combine those with nutrition, and cardiovascular exercise.   As a trainer and coach,  I bring all these components together to help you create an overall healthy lifestyle approach that you can LIVE with.

 Roger -What advice do you have for women who are just starting out as new bodybuilders?

Carrie-My advice for women is train because you love it and the affects it has on you body and mental state. Look the way you want to look and for Encouragement: Always be true to yourself and don’t be afraid of hard work.

Roger-What does your workout schedule look like?

Carrie- My current schedule is Monday – aerial practice or cross fit class.

Tuesday  – legs

Wednesday – chest/trices

Thursday – aerial practice or cross fit class.

Friday – back and biceps

Saturday – shoulders

Sunday – off and I throw in a few cardio sessions after training depending on how I feel.

Roger -What advice do you have for our readers who need nutrition advice on what to eat?

Carrie- My advice for anyone is to:

1. Take a multi vitamin everyday

2. Eat small meals 5-6 times a day spaced about 3hours apart,

3. Drink your water! It essential for normal body functions and it helps your skin and hair.

4. Don’t Skip breakfast

5. Read food labels.

6. Stay motivated and deal with cravings by scheduling a cheat meal once a week.

7. Keep a food journal.

8. Plan your meals and prepare them head of time

9. Dine out smart ask for grilled sauces on the side and get half portions.

10. If you slip up get right back on track with your next meal.

 Roger –Do you use social media to promote your personal brand and what platforms do you use?

Carrie– Yes I use social media to promote my personal brand and the platforms that work for me are FaceBook and Twitter.  I created a Face book fan page and a twitter page so I can give health and fitness advice to help people who want to follow in my foot steps and to increase the my brand as well.  These are great platforms for me because we live in a culture that wants to be healthy and stay fit and now I can connect directly with those clients that need my advice and insights. It just gives me that one on one personal touch to my fans that want to know what is takes to make their body’s stronger and live a healthy lifestyle.

Roger – Thank you Carrie.

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