The Rise of the Next Queen of Fitness with Roger Maloney


As a former programming coordinator at Black Entertainment Television, I have seen a lot of music videos and there are so many music video models that rise to the top because of their looks and dancing skills but there are a few models that know how to transform themselves into a marketable brand. Buffie Carruth formerly known as Buffie the Body has become a successful entrepreneur and a personal brand in the area of heath and fitness. Currently in the world of fitness names like Jillian Michaels, Denise Austin and Ellen Barnett have the top workout DVD’s according but there are no workout DVD’s in the market place that is targeted to women of color.

Buffie created a website called www.Bodynomics.comwhich educates women of color on the importance of exercises and staying healthy. Bodynomics goals is aimed at helping all women become more active, making them more aware of their personal health profile and body image, emphasizing workouts they can do at home, prioritizing health over size, keeping their curves by utilizing weights, showing them the proper way to exercise to avoid injury, and keeping women informed on the latest research and articles concerning health, heart disease, and nutrition. The Bodynomics brand promises to help women:

1.Become more active and become more aware of their personal health and body image.

2.Emphasize workouts you can do at home *prioritize health over size

3.Keep their curves by utilizing weights (most women are scared to lift weights for fear of bulking up)

3.Realize the proper way to exercise with instructional videos.

4.Stay informed on he latest research concerning health, heart disease, nutrition and fitness.

Buffie’s passion is driven by the lack of exercise among women of color and according to the recent article I read in the NY Times on May 5th 2012 written by Alice Randall about Black Women and Fat it states “Four out of five black women are seriously overweight. One out of four middle-aged black women has diabetes. With $174 billion a year spent on diabetes-related illness in America and obesity quickly overtaking smoking as a cause of cancer deaths, it is past time to try something new. What we need is a body-culture revolution in black America. Why? Because too many experts who are involved in the discussion of obesity don’t understand something crucial about black women and fat: many black women are fat because we want to be.” Buffie is determined to end this trend by using her lifestyle as an example and Bodynomics is the solution to solve the high obesity rate in women of color.

Early in her career Buffie Carruth has been at the top of her game from the top urban model and as been featured in hip-hop magazines such as the SOURCE, XXL, KING, and BLACK MEN MAGAZINE. She became an internet sensation headlined a major Hip-hop music video such as the 50 cent/Tony Yayo “So Seductive video. After her debut in the “So Seductive” video, offers came cascading in which include: Magazine spreads, leads in music videos, requests for guest appearances. Buffie has left that part of her career and she made a 360 U turn and now she has the top fitness workout videos on YOUTUBE with over 7,205,170 views and growing.

Buffie is using the power of social media and online video to expand her brand with some of her most popular videos on her YouTube channel are: Are you Tank Top Ready? Best Butt Tuesdays or Get that Booty Right, Work those Abs or Abs on Fire, The Fabulous Four – Lower body workout and The 3 in 1 Home workout.Each of her videos has views over 3,000 viewers and more. I had an opportunity to interview Buffie about her company, her brand and her future as a fitness leader the digital media age.

Roger: Since you made the transitions from being a model to the fitness world, what do you like about the Fitness industry vs being a model in the hip hop world?

Buffie: The hip-hop modelling industry is very limited for African American models. There’s only so much you can do in that industry. Fitness is worldwide, culturally diverse, all ages groups, all genders, and both sex and all races….so basically that’s every person on earth. While promoting fitness I’m able to help women while at the same time becoming more knowledgeable and proactive with my own health and body. So it’s a win win situation for me.

Roger: What steps did you take to start your company?

Buffie: I started doing a lot of reading and researching on health, exercise, fitness and nutrition. I started in 2007 and posted my first exercise video on YouTube in 2009 and haven’t looked back since. I became certified as a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) in June of 2012.

Roger: When starting Bodynomics you used YouTube as your platform why?

Buffie: YouTube is a good platform for getting your videos seen by billions of people. A business would be crazy not to use YouTube to their advantage and the best thing of all, it’s FREE.

Roger: There are a lot of fitness channels what makes viewers connect to you and your channel?

Buffie: The fact that I’m Buffie the Body, a girl who became famous and known worldwide for her shapely body and nice butt is one reason I think women would listen to me. Also, as an African-American woman, I know there’s not many of us in the forefront of the fitness industry that everyday black women can relate to. And when I say this what I mean is the fact that I’m an ordinary girl next door type of female that hasn’t relinquished her curves or her voluptuous frame in order to live a healthier lifestyle and be fit. Most black women who’s in the forefront of fitness is either too muscular or too thin (no hips, no butt, no nothing) and most black women can’t and won’t relate to that.

Roger:How do you use social media to promote your channel and your brand?

Buffie: I utilize Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, MySpace, Instagram and Pinterest to get the word out about Bodynomics. These media outlets have been very helpful with promoting.

Roger: What advice do you have your audience about eating right and creating a fitness plan that will work for them?

Buffie: If you’re not serious about living a healthier lifestyle then it will never happen. You have to make it priority in your life. Good health and happiness is priceless. Once you’ve made health priority, arming yourself with the right knowledge is the easy part. There’s tons of info on the internet including but not limited to

Roger: What are your future plans for your brand?

Buffie: My plans are to start producing my own line of fitness DVDs, fitness apparel for women, my own fitness segment on television and travelling the world speaking to women about the importance of exercise and staying active.

Roger Maloney: Thank you Buffie and where can people reach out to you?

Buffie: I can be reached at and check my Bodynomics YouTube Channel and reach to me on Twitter @Bodynomics and lets make our bodies the best it can be. Thank You Roger!

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