Believe Entertainment Group Taking Online Content to the Next Level – Roger Maloney

Dan Goodman

Welcome to Ufront Media insights;

Today, I had the opportunity to interview Dan Goodman who is the co-founder of Believe Entertainment Group, a New York-based digital entertainment company producing high profile content in partnership with elite talent and leading brands through a variety of digital outlets such as web, mobile, VOD, and social media.

Believe Entertainment Group is one of the new innovative companies on the cutting edge of delivering quality content online. The company recently launched a new documentary-style show with legendary DJ/Producer Tiësto, called In the Booth and in 2011 launched The LeBrons, a new original, animated Web series with NBA star and two-time league MVP LeBron James and brand partners HP, Intel, Bing, Sprite, and Nike, that premiered onYouTube and was distributed through LeBron’s Facebook, Twitter, and a dedicated section of, with syndication through Digital Broadcasting Group (DBG).

Most recently, Believe Entertainment Group announced a new digital series with Jennifer Lopez and Nuyorican Productions, entitled Tiger Beat Entertainment, an all-new entertainment news and lifestyle show for teens and young adults that will launch back-to-school 2012 on AOL’s Jennifer Lopez, Simon Fields and Believe Entertainment Group will co-executive produce the series. The announcement was made during AOL’s Digital Content New Front in New York City, where the company gave more than 450 brand advertisers, marketers, agencies, digital and TV media buyers a preview of its original programming.

I spoke with Mr. Goodman about Believe Entertainment Group’s partnership with Jennifer Lopez and AOL, and about his company’s innovative strategy to connect their content with brands, and how they use social media to do it.

RM: What is your inspiration behind creating a show with Jennifer Lopez?

DG: We wanted to create something unique in the marketplace, capitalizing on how youth engage with entertainment online and in digital channels in general. With Jennifer’s show, Tiger Beat Entertainment (TBE), we’re creating something inspirational and empowering that today’s young adult audience can be entertained and informed by.

RM: How are you going to use the power of social media to attract viewers for your shows?

DG: What we strive to do with every project is to find a way to engage our talent partner’s active fan base; it’s one of the things we look for in any partner or project that we greenlight. With Jennifer Lopez and LeBron, we can capitalize on two very active social media fan bases on Twitter and Facebook. As it relates to our content, we’re looking for ways to combine the power of social media platforms with the power of great content. Jennifer and LeBron are perfect examples. When we launch TBE this fall we will engage heavily with Jennifer’s social media networks so that fans can share it and post it.

RM: How important is the partnership with AOL for Believe Entertainment and what are the benefits?

DG: One of the important things to us about working with AOL is the ability to leverage their platform to amplify what we’re already doing, and to bring credibility to the video marketplace. We try to bring the highest quality content so that advertisers understand how important this industry has become, audiences are rewarded with good content, and talent realize how powerful the digital platform can be — that it’s a viable, long-term platform for entertainment content.

In closing, the power of great talent and great online content, connected with brands, social media and a strong partnership with AOL, equals success for Believe Entertainment Group.

Roger Maloney is the founder of Ufront Media Insights Roger can be reached at


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